New refrigeration technologies at Chillventa 2022

Date: 08 September 2022


Chillventa 2022 has begun! First photos

The leading international companies will present new products of refrigeration equipment and components at Chillventa 2022. Read summary about new products in our overview.

Compressors: Embraco, EmersonGEA, Secop
Heat exchanges: Modine, Refkar, Roller
Components: AKO, Armacell, CARELConex BänningerDanfossebm-papst, EVCOSanhua, Sauermann, Vito Rimoldi
Equipment: Advansor, Arneg, INTARCON, Refra
Refrigerants:  A-Gas

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Compressors: Bitzer, Bock, Cubigel, Dorin, Frascold, Mayekawa
Components: Clivet, Eliwell, Kriwan
Equipment: Epta, Kide, Mirai

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Hall 7, Booth 7-340

Experts from A-Gas will be at Chillventa 2022 to advise customers on how to lower their carbon footprint and move towards a more sustainable future. A-Gas is offering a wide-ranging package of solutions to help meet the challenges facing the industry as we make the switch to a low carbon economy. 

A-Gas Rapid Recovery

Visitors to the exhibition will be able to find out more about the ways in which A-Gas can assist with the reclamation and recovery of refrigerants and how the award-winning A-Gas Rapid Recovery teams can help with this. 

A-Gas experts will be there to talk about the life cycle management of refrigerants now its clear that our reliance on virgin products has to come to an end. Advice will also be available on the end of life destruction of refrigerants which prevent harm to our planet. A-Gas is expanding its services and technologies dealing with the destruction of high global warming refrigerants unfit for further use – preventing their release into the atmosphere.


Hall 4A, 4A-401

During Chillventa, Advansor’s offerings include the new CuBig II, a full climate solution with cooling, freezing, AC and heating in one unit - especially suited for larger supermarkets and industrial applications up to 450kW capacity. The CuBig II retains the flexibility from smaller racks with copper piping and the strength from larger racks with high-capacity compressors. It includes the latest energy optimisation technologies.

Advansor CuBig II

Advansor will also present a 1,5MW CO2 heat pump packed with the latest technology for the best energy efficiency. The Advansor heat pumps are available in different sizes and suitable for applications like district heating, production facilities, schools, hospitals and more.

The stand will also feature Advansor’s updated ValuePack II, the popular MiniBooster for smaller applications with Wurm and Carel controllers, the new Ultra-Low Superheat Module and an Emergency Cooling Unit.


Hall 5, stand 5-330

In this new edition of Chillventa 2022  AKO will present its latest innovations to save energy and protect the environment, energy efficiency in refrigeration and monitoring for the control and efficiency of refrigeration, for industrial, commercial and logistics refrigeration.

AKO will present the latest products on the stand:

The advanced Cold Room Controllers that will optimize your installation by saving energy, improving product care, and enlarging the lifespan of your installation with the simplest use and commissioning. 

AKOCORE_advanced cold room controller

The early gas leak detection solution that will eliminate up to 95% of your leaks with no more false alarms and will give you useful information even to make predictive maintenance. 

AKOGAS_gas leak detection system

The temperature and humidity datalogger wireless with connectivity by IoT accessible anywhere and anytime.



Read full the article about ACO at Chillventa 2022



Hall 8, booth 331

The company presents a new halogen-free insulation material. Based on a highly innovative foam technology, NH/ArmaFlex Smart is more flexible than conventional halogen-free elastomeric insulation material and easier to install. The product’s UV and ageing resistance are also outstanding, ensuring condensation control and high, long-term energy efficiency. NH/ArmaFlex Smart looks and feels different from its predecessors – it is black, has a very smooth surface and is much more compact. In the event of a fire, this halogen-free insulation material will not release corrosive gases that can form aggressive acids when in contact with fire-fighting water. Such consequential fire damage can soon add up to many times the cost of the actual fire. NH/ArmaFlex Smart is halogen-free, contains neither PVC nor chlorinated polyethylene, is produced without adding brominated flame retardants, and is free of chlorinated paraffins. The product complies with the German Sustainable Building Council’s highest quality requirements (DGNB QS 4) for flame-retardant building products.


New AF/ArmaFlex generation with improved fire behaviour

Another highlight at the Chillventa: Armacell’s new AF/ArmaFlex generation. AF/ArmaFlex Evo meets fire class B/BL-s2,d0 and increases fire safety in buildings. The new elastomeric foam technology contributes to better visibility in case of fire and thus extends the time available to evacuate a building. AF/ArmaFlex Evo releases 50 percent less smoke than conventional flexible elastomeric foam products, giving occupants more time to exit the building and allowing rescue teams better access. The new material offers a clear plus in safety: long-term high moisture and corrosion protection, optimum thermal insulation properties and increased personal safety in buildings. Furthermore, the products are equipped with Microban. These antimicrobial additives offer proactive protection against harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.


Arneg and Incold

Arneg: hall 9 booth 9-448 and Incold: hall 9 booth 9-348, 9-350

Arneg and Incold will attend Chillventa 2022, the benchmark trade fair for refrigeration technology.

Together, the companies of the Arneg Group will offer complete solutions for the world of commercial refrigeration. Incold will showcase at Chillventa 2022 its fully modular and extendable cold rooms, Multi Cubed, and innovative and versatile Incold active rapid doors. Arneg will exhibit the latest solutions to maximize energy efficiency and minimize the environmental impact with Globo, the most sustainable and compact CO2 refrigeration unit, and Osaka 3 LX, the vertical refrigerated cabinet with glass door designed with new minimalist lines and with the new Arneg Eco Ring system.

OSAKA3 LX with Eco Ring System

Arneg proudly presents the new Osaka 3 LX vertical glass door cabinet expressions of a new display concept in which products are more clearly visible and easily accessible that ever. It is equipped with advanced components, latest-generation LED lights, slender adjustable shelves, "full vision" doors, and Eco Ring system: the exclusive refrigeration solution that significantly reduces the environmental impact allowing the use of natural gas also for the cooling of the largest refrigerated multi-deck cabinets, ensuring consistently high performance. With the Eco Ring system, a remote cabinet can turn into a plug-in one.

Arneg osaka3LX

Suitable for all food categories requiring a natural temperature, its large storage volume is combined with a simple installation and maintenance and unrivalled ergonomics. Osaka 3 LX is ideal for small, medium or largest sized shops and specialty stores.


Globo is Arneg's most compact CO2 refrigeration unit, with 2 compressors for medium temperature and two compressors for low temperature.

Operating in a transcritical cycle, it optimises space by combining medium and low power on the same rack.

Arneg globo

Designed for small supermarkets, thought for convenience store. It is available for indoor or outdoor installation in either open or closed versions. On request,it can be equipped with sound-proof kit and can be managed with different electronic controls.


CAREL Industries S.p.A.

Bronze partner of Refrigeration Industry.

Hall 5, booth 5-306/308 

CAREL will be presenting new sustainable solutions that optimise the energy performance of HVAC and refrigeration systems.

HVAC systems, will focus on the improvement of Indoor Air Quality combining health, efficiency and comfort: structured and integrated architectures for ventilation are based on energy recovery, humidification control systems displayed in partnership with CAREL’s branch HygroMatik, and continuous monitoring, both to ensure health and safety, and to maximise the overall efficiency.

Carel PH21LUP30F-heosbox-CO2-open

Low GWP refrigerants and connectivity lead the offering of future-proof refrigeration solutions, going from new controllers for compact HFC and HFO compressor racks, to the complete case controller range MPX, up to Heosbox CO2, a high efficiency solution used on semi plug-in showcases in waterloop systems.

And, for the very first time, CAREL will be on show with iJW, the refrigeration solution for smart field commissioning and iJS, the controller dedicated to the management of medical and scientific refrigerated coolers.

Everything at the CAREL stand will be accompanied by multiple service proposals enabled by IoT platforms, supporting the management of efficient and sustainable solutions throughout the system’s life cycle. 

Carel PH21LIJ309-iJ-w

Conex Bänninger

Hall 9, Booth 204

The manufacturer for fittings in the ACR Industry will be showcasing its portfolio of fittings including the #Pressrevolution >B< MaxiPro, K65 the solution for the increasingly common use of the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 R-744 and more.

B MaxiPro – the #Pressrevolution for the refrigeration and air conditioning technology

The innovative press fitting is revolutionizing pipe jointing in air conditioning and refrigeration applications. It is made for use with hard, half hard or annealed copper tube conforming to DIN EN 12735-1, EN 12735-2 or ASTM-B280. >B< MaxiPro is quick and simple to use, providing a secure and permanent joint up to 48 bar operating pressure. Compared with traditional techniques it significantly improves productivity through greatly reduced installation time and enhanced working flexibility. The flame-free connection avoids the need of a hot works permit and eliminates the risk of fire on site. The light and compact tooling provides easy access to tightly spaced tube runs.

B MaxiPro comes in metric dimensions 6-28 mm and imperial dimensions 1/4" - 1 3/8”.

B MaxiPro

K65 – the solution for the environmentally friendly refrigerant CO2 R-744

K65 fittings were developed in response to the use of CO2 R-744 as an environmentally friendly (zero ODP and GWP of one) refrigerant for commercial refrigeration applications, in particular supermarket refrigeration systems. The use of CO2 as a refrigerant led to high operating pressures, and therefore variations in the gauge of tube being specified. Conex Bänningers K65 simplifies the selection process, as the K65 alloy provides a mechanical strength high enough to withstand the pressure ratings required. K65 is a safe and economical solution for refrigeration systems with operating pressures up to 130 bar.

The K65 series comes in a wide range of fittings from 3/8" up to 2 1/8".

K65 mit Bild ENGLISH


Hall 7, Booth 7-251

At Chillventa 2022, Danfoss will showcase a broad range of energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to empower the green transformation in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump applications. The exhibition theme, ‘Talk Green. Walk Green.’ underscores a shared journey toward decarbonization. Visitors will experience a presentation of Danfoss’s market-leading products, end-to-end solutions, and inspiring ideas to pave a pathway toward a greener future. On display will be cutting-edge applications across four key sectors: Food Retail, Commercial Refrigeration, Industrial Refrigeration, and Heat Pumps.

Danfoss can be found in Hall 7, Booth 7-251. 

Plus, Danfoss is thrilled to present a virtual exhibition where guests from around the world can join livestream sessions, connect with experts, and much more.

Future-ready food retail solutions 

At Chillventa, Danfoss Food Retail experts will showcase how the latest generation of CO2 systems—including the Combi Ejector, CO2 adaptive liquid management (CALM), and heat recovery solution—can help supermarkets reduce heating costs by up to 90% and cut their carbon footprint in half. 
Another key focus at the exhibition is on Danfoss’s IoT cloud-based monitoring and management solution, Alsense The sustainable, scalable, and secure service optimizes the performance of food retail operations, from maximizing asset performance to boosting energy efficiency. 

Cool, connected cold rooms in Commercial Refrigeration 

Forward-looking engineering has empowered Danfoss to offer the broadest range of CO2, A2L, and ultra-low GWP-compliant products and solutions for cold rooms. At Chillventa, Danfoss Commercial Refrigeration experts are thrilled to unveil TE2, the very first thermostatic expansion valve for CO2 refrigerants to be on the market, showcased together with the new iCO2 condensing unit and new range of Optyma™ cold room controls—among many others.  
With a continued focus on efficient, end-to-end refrigeration solutions, the ultra-low GWP-ready Optyma™ Plus condensing unit will be on display—which, on top of multi-refrigerant compatibility, offers optimized, energy-efficient performance, and more. Chillventa visitors can also expect to see the all-new, flexible EKE 100 Superheat controller for cold rooms, condensing units, GDMs, and ice cream machines.  

Higher capacity and safer solutions in Industrial Refrigeration

Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration provides solutions that enable our customers to optimize industrial refrigeration systems by offering unique and reliable solutions built for natural refrigerants systems. 
With rapid system type developments within larger industrial refrigeration systems using both ammonia (R-717) and CO2 (R-744), Chillventa visitors will experience Danfoss’s innovative and emerging portfolio dedicated to large, industrial transcritical CO2 systems—with products specifically designed for higher capacity, pressure, and temperatures. 
On display will be the IPS8 intelligent purging system that safely reduces non-condensable gasses in a system while boosting energy efficiency. Visitors will also see Danfoss’s latest portfolio of products for large industrial heat pumps dedicated to use with natural refrigerants. And with the LLS 4000 Electronic Liquid Level Switch, Danfoss will showcase the game-changing simplicity of the reliable, smart, compact, and cost-efficient switch for liquid level measurements.



Bronze partner of Refrigeration Industry.

Hall 4A, Booth 319 

ebm-papst will be presenting the latest developments in refrigeration and air conditioning technology at Chillventa. 

Higher air flow rates and pressures thanks to new sizes

The AxiEco series from ebm-papst is also suitable for applications that require high air flows with a relatively high back pressure, meaning that ventilation and air conditioning devices can benefit from higher air flow rates. The AxiEco series is now being expanded to include sizes 630, 800 and 910. The axial fan now makes air flows of over 25,000 m³/h and pressures of up to 700 Pa possible and is suitable for applications in chillers and evaporators, industrial process cooling, data centers and mobile refrigeration technology, for example.


Compact, powerful and energy-efficient

With the new RadiPac series, ebm-papst has succeeded in significantly improving existing centrifugal fans yet again: they operate with significantly higher efficiency levels and higher speeds ensure more air flow and higher pressures. The impeller developed according to the latest aerodynamic findings drastically reduces flow losses and further decreases the noise levels. Furthermore, for the first time, the new, most powerful EC motor, FanDrive DV280, is used in the large RadiPac sizes. This delivers a torque of up to 180 Nm with outputs of up to 24 kW. For example, it is used in the size 800 RadiPac and enables a free-air air performance of up to 50,000 m3/h and maximum pressures of 2,300 Pa.




Hall 7, stand 130


At Chillventa 2022, Embraco shows the stars of its portfolio for commercial refrigeration. 

Embraco is bringing to Chillventa 2022 a complete portfolio for commercial refrigeration, such as food retail, food service, medical applications and merchandisers. During the event, at booth 7-130, the brand aims to address the market’s most pressing issues: sustainability, energy efficiency, and technological solutions to solve current and future challenges.


Variable speed compressors

Visitors will have a taste of Embraco’s future variable speed reciprocating compressor for large applications, the VNEX, capable of serving 3 to 4 doors commercial freezers and refrigerators. Other compressors’ launches are the new Scrolls, now in R290 (fixed speed) and variable speed options. In addition, the complete portfolio of Embraco variable speed compressors will be showcased, such as the FMF, the most energy efficient product of the category.


Condensing units

Embraco condensing units portfolio will also be highlighted. Among the product launches will be the two new versions of Bioma, a condensing units lineup designed for low noise and easy access to components. One is the Bioma 5HP (10kW) powered by a variable speed scroll compressor, and another one is an option with two scroll compressors and cooling capacity up to 10HP (20 kW). Both are more resistant to rust, which is ideal for outdoor units. Visitors will have the chance as well to see the new range of indoor R290 condensing units for applications such as under-counters, blast chillers, and cold rooms.

Embraco R290 CDU


Fixed speed compressors

Embraco also reinforces the positioning of having a fixed speed compressor portfolio capable of covering the whole range of commercial applications and complying with local legislation demands while it also is attuned with environmental impact reduction. It starts with compressors that deliver from 3 cc of equivalent displacement and 144 W of cooling capacity, such as the EM, up to 38 cc and 1.7 kW (LBP conditions), such as the NJX.

Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions

Hall 6, Booth 324

Emerson showcases latest technologies for the use of low GWP refrigerants in commercial refrigeration. Its comprehensive range of innovative solutions and products combine high levels of sustainability and efficiency with utmost reliability and future-proofness, for systems based on the natural refrigerants CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290) as well as sustainable A2L alternatives.

Emerson exhibits its innovative Copeland scroll solution for transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems. Equipped with a scroll compressor featuring innovative dynamic vapor injection technology (DVI) for flash gas management, the need for parallel compression is eliminated. This results in a drastically reduced system complexity and enables one system design for all climates. 


Also shown are solutions for integral display cases using R290 as natural refrigerant. Products for A2L refrigerants for multiple food retail and service applications complete the sustainable refrigeration offering. By supporting CO2, R290, and A2L with leading-edge technology, Emerson ensures customers have a variety of options when transitioning to sustainable refrigerants.



Hall 5, Booth 5-106 

EVCO has developed a range of products and services to allow its clients to have a 4.0 upgrade of their refrigeration, Ho.Re.Ca., HVAC and automation equipment: controllers with optional or built-in connectivity and IoT functions, modules for wired and wireless connection and Bluetooth communication, signal converters for RS-485 networks, communication protocols for bidirectional data exchange, local or remote control and supervision systems with advanced data logging functions, machine interaction and automatic alerts. 

Ready to use: EPoCA

If you want to use functions specially designed to meet the needs of your sector, the EPoCA cloud system is the solution for you. Just procure EVCO products with EPoCA technology and built-in or optional connectivity and you’re ready to go.

Ready to use


GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies 

Hall 7.0, booth 7-512

GEA will present product solutions to some of the most pressing issues of its time. These include products that help, for example, to reduce carbon emissions, achieve greater energy efficiency and ultimately also lead to lower total cost of ownership (TCO). 


For the first time, the GEA Division will appear under its new name GEA Heating & Refrigeration Technologies. Product launches will therefore be presented not only in the refrigeration sector but also in the heating sector. Among others, the following will be presented: 

  • a screw compressor specially designed for heat pumps and their requirements, 

  • a new semi-hermetic compressor that increases safety and is available together with the GEA BluX ammonia chiller or as a Grasso X package, 

  • a monitoring and control system that allows compressors to be monitored from anywhere and requires little space and

  • the enhanced GEA RedGenium heat pump, which can be viewed using augmented reality.


A project by HRT's digitization team invites trade show visitors to share their thoughts on digitization trends. Topics here include potential for improvement and growth in processes, products and business models through digitization, digitization of production technology and in processes, and data collection and analysis. This exchange of views in personal contact provides trade fair visitors and GEA with valuable insights into experiences with products and systems as well as customer requirements and wishes. 


INTARCON will present the latest products, reinforcing its commitment to equipment and solutions for commercial and industrial refrigeration with natural refrigerants. INTARCON's product range consists of a wide range of solutions for the HORECA sector, supermarket, industry and logistics among others, as well as specific systems for high humidity applications, wineries or meat preservation and maturation applications.

INTARCON continues with its constant commitment to offer the most reliable, efficient and sustainable solution for refrigeration installations, focusing efforts on natural refrigerants such as R-290 - propane -, R-744 -CO2- and R-717 -NH3-, as well as the manufacture of more efficient equipment. The main product innovations are:

  • Compact R-290 units for wall, ceiling or door installation in small and medium size cold rooms, with very low refrigerant charge.

  • R290 waterloop motor evaporators. This evaporator with built-in unit is an innovative 100% natural solution that INTARCON proposes for cold rooms up to 50 m3.

  • The intarCUBE A2L approved it’s the new range of footprint condensing units up to 40 kW, has been designed for medium capacity centralized commercial refrigeration applications, equipped with semi-hermetic compressors, and designed to operate either with R-449A refrigerant or with low GWP (< 150) slightly flammable R-454C refrigerant. They are positioned as an efficient and safe, low-cost investment, becoming a very good alternative to comply with the medium-term regulatory framework on fluorinated gases in the European Union.


  • Transcritical CO2 condensing units with built-in gas cooler for simultaneous production of positive and negative cooling in commercial applications from 30 to 100 kW cooling capacity. They have high reliability and efficiency in hot climates, thanks to the high performance of parallel compression. They are an environmentally friendly solution that complements the HFC range from 40kW to comply with the F-Gas regulation from 2022.

  • R-290 chiller for commercial and industrial refrigeration application, operating with a reduced charge of propane or R-290 as primary refrigerant contained in the unit, and water, or glycol as secondary refrigerant for cold transport. Environmentally friendly and efficient solution in addition to being a long-term solution free of fluorinated refrigerants.

  • NH3 - ammolite chiller, high cooling capacity and high efficiency with all the advantages of ammonia as a natural refrigerant. Ammolite uses low charge ammonia technology with direct condensation in air without water consumption, constituting one of the most efficient and ecological solutions in the market. 



Hall 7A, stand 111 


At Chillventa Modine will present our comprehensive range of latest generation products capable of working according to these important principles. 

At the Modine stand it will be possible to see first-hand a selection of CO2 coolers, a technology for which we have a great deal of expertise thanks to the thousands of units built for each type of application. On display there will also be the new Modine plug and play units equipped with electronic expansion valve that is self-regulating thanks to dedicated electronics. We will also present coolers that work with A2Ls, designed to safely use the opportunities offered by these new refrigerants.

The highlight of at the exhibition will be our packaged unit. A range of Modine units designed to house the main system components such as compressors and electrical panels, therefore optimizing the installation. The fully removable compartments offer practical access, they are weather-resistant, sound insulated and an optimal internal heat extraction is guaranteed.




Bronze partner of Refrigeration Industry.

Refkar shell and tube type heat exchangers are suitable for both commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. 

Within our range of applications, we can also offer heat exchangers for special applications such as liquid to liquid, liquid to oil and gas to oil with products such as flooded evaporators, evaporators with built-in water tank, floating head heat exchangers and more.

Our shell-and-tube condensers are applicable to city water, sea water and more aggressive liquids and available in 1, 2 and 4 pass designs within our standard product range. For special projects we can design and manufacture up to 8 passes. 




Hall 7A, booth 416

The company will present several unique refrigeration products:

R1270 CW Chiller with additional buffer tank

An ecological 201 kW air/water CW chiller with propylene refrigerant. A combination with additional buffer tank, which holds glycol, provides an "all-in-one" solution that makes the chiller mobile. The unit will be used for cooling ice rinks. Due to its extremely easy connection, it can be adapted to serve both indoor and outdoor ice arenas. The chiller is equipped with the latest Bitzer compressors with optimized drive gear which are ideal for hydrocarbon systems.

Special modular assembly system provides extensive power selection options and the ability to integrate a wide range of useful solutions such as a built-in hydraulic module, free cooling or heat recovery options. CW chillers can be made with two to five circuits to ensure continuous system operation in case of emergency – if one circuit is damaged, the others can still use the remaining unit capacity to service the end user. Easy servicing and monitoring of the device is ensured by reliable Siemens Climatix Controls. The cloud-based system allows real-time management and remote control of unit parameters.

Refra Propylene chiller


CO2 Heat pump

A high efficiency air-to-water CO2 heat pump, designed to heat industrial buildings and/or systems. Made with a green refrigerant this unit reaches the heating capacity of 100 kW with 70 °C liquid temperature outlet and 40 °C liquid temperature inlet at ambient temperature of 5 °C. Such unit is ideal for specific industry participants, as it can heat up liquid up to 100 °C (with return water temperature of no higher than 42 °C). Also, this heat pump works well with multipurpose systems that require different heat potentials. 

Comprehensive modular frame construction is assembled with high-quality EC fan motor technology, finned tube heat exchangers and reciprocating compressors. Larger, raised coils are set to simplify the defrosting process and allow water to drain freely. 

Refra manufactures modern devices using plug-and-play ideology, making the installation and use of the devices as easy as possible. In this case, the customer can start using the device quickly and easily after installment. Easy servicing and monitoring of the device is ensured by reliable Siemens Climatix Controls. The cloud-based system allows real-time management and remote control of unit parameters. The system stores all information for a year, which allows careful monitoring and analysis of data, while remote control provides the opportunity to solve problems or update the system instantly, without leaving the office.

Refra CO2 Heat pump 



Hall 6 Stand 210


The topics of energy efficiency and the use of F-Gas Regulation-compliant refrigerants are making their way into several innovative new product developments that Roller is exhibiting at this year's Chillventa.

For the first time, Roller is presenting the DHNI/DHNIT dual-sided discharge industrial air cooler with optional upward or downward air distribution. The ceiling air cooler is characterized by a very high load resistance, the use also with CO2 up to 80 bar operating pressure and AxiEco Diagonal EC fans for energy-efficient and pressure-stable operation. A textile hose adapter for connecting textile air distribution hoses for particularly uniform air distribution and other options round off the DHNI/DHNIT.


For installation situations where particularly flat air coolers are to be used, Roller is showing the new KBK/KBKT for the first time with a unit height of only 419 mm. The KBK is available with 1 to 6 fans, can also be used with CO2 and, thanks to its large heat exchanger surface with 8 rows of tubes in the air direction, is particularly suitable for demanding cooling tasks and gentle air conditioning of sensitive chilled goods, such as dough pieces.


The completely new DLK/DLKT ceiling air cooler will also be presented. This will replace the DLK/T...EP (Euroline Plus) in the future. The new air cooler has an easy-to-install housing with particularly generously dimensioned cut-out options for high flexibility, as well as stainless steel suspension brackets for flush ceiling installation. The evaporator blocks are available in 4 and 6 tube rows for greater variance, which is accompanied by correspondingly large heat exchanger surfaces. With the 9.52mm core tube, PS 80bar is now also possible for CO2 direct evaporation, and when operating with A2L, the tube volumes are correspondingly compact.

Also, to be exhibited for the first time is the optimization of the FHV/FHVT product range. New is the additional variability of 4 or 6 tube rows in the block depth, for the larger types with 1-3 fans and ø 450 mm. For these, fin spacing up to 12 mm can be offered for CO2 applications. In addition, innovative defrost options are shown on this unit, which in the full expansion stage allow energy savings of up to 75% for the defrost system.




Bronze partner of Refrigeration Industry.


At Chillventa 2022, Sanhua will present many new and innovative solutions for OEMs, installers, and products for the following applications:

  • Heat Pump, complete range of products like Uni-polar EEV + Driver, four-way valve SHF-G for R744, MCHE & BPHE, Mini Pressure Switches, Compressor Inverters & Pressure Sensors

  • Transport: Solenoid valve subassembly, four-way valve SHF-G, eDual controller

  • Air-Conditioning: economiser subassembly for R32 for Chillers, etc.

  • Food Retail with wide range of new solutions


New SANHUA Refrigerated cabinet controller SEC R03 series

SEC R03 series cabinet controller, with MD remote display, is focused on the application of food retail display cabinets, and provides advantages in terms of efficiency, competitivity, and reliability of your refrigeration cabinet with easy installation.  

The controller manages various functions such as cabinet temperature, defrosting, fan, lighting, and defogging alarm, which can be said to handle the control needs of the entire freezer.

SECR03 is available with a remote display MD01-R4 which is used to set the many parameters.


SANHUA cost-effective ‘plug n play’ EEV+Driver solution 

OEMs manufacturing CO2-based solutions for commercial refrigeration and HVAC applications can now take advantage of a new cost-effective EEV solution from SANHUA. Complete with SANHUA VSD technology, the solution provides compatibility with selected third-party case controllers.

The solution comprises the new SANHUA VSD2010P driver and the company’s LPF-D series unipolar stepper motor EEV (electronic expansion valve). SANHUA’s innovative LPF-D EEV (500 steps) ensures a reliable solutions for CO2 installations with design pressures up to 60 bar. The driver features an integrated supercapacitor and uses the 0-10 VDC output signal from the superheat controller to drive the VSD2010P. 

R744 is widespread use as a replacement for R134a and R404A in ultra-low, low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. SANHUA’s innovative new solution can help simplify the transition process thanks to its ‘plug n play’ functionality.  

Sanhua SEC Revo Top  

SANHUA developed the latest generation of inverter, supporting scroll and rotary technologies, which is compatible with flammable refrigerants (including A2L and A3 type), for HVAC-R application. 

MCHE OPTIFLOW combines two heat exchangers one. In systems that required two sets of heat exchangers in the past, right now only one set of OPTIFLOW heat exchangers can meet its heat exchange requirements.






Sauermann GmbH
Hall 5, Booth 220

At Chillventa 2022, Sauermann will be showcasing its condensate management system for refrigerated display cabinets in supermarkets and the catering industry. This is an efficient combination of mechanical removal and biochemical prevention of condensate overflows.


Condensate pump Si-1931

The Sauermann Si-1931 condensate pump, specially developed for supermarkets, is one of the most powerful pumps in its class. The Si-1931 is made entirely of stainless steel and is therefore corrosion-free. With a height of only 80mm, the Si-1931 fits under any standard condensate cabinet. It also features a 6.5 litre capacity tank and a centrifugal motor specially designed for biofilm-laden condensate.

The powerful motor, with a flow rate of up to 700 l/h and a maximum delivery height of 24m, can discharge condensate from several display cabinets simultaneously.

Sauermann Si-1931-condensate pump  


Gel-clear Tablets

For biochemical containment of biofilm growth, Sauermann offers Gel-clear in tablet form. These contain an active ingredient against biofilm that prevents the spread of microorganisms. Sticky excretions with bad smells, which are responsible for blockages, do not occur when Gel-clear is used properly. Depending on the degree of contamination, one tablet is sufficient for 6-12 months. A Gel-clear tablet dissolves completely and without residue within approx. 6 weeks. During this time, it forms a protective layer on the surfaces of the entire condensate drainage system. The protective effect remains for a long time after the tablet has dissolved. Replacing the tablet, which can be done during operation, is only necessary every six to twelve months, depending on the climate and size of the cooling area. This reduces the maintenance intervals and thus the costs incurred. The Gel-clear tablets comply with the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPV) according to § 95 & 65 / NSF approval.

Sauermann Gel-clear  


Gold partner of Refrigeration industry 

Hall 7A, Stand 210

Secop presents at Chillventa 2022 new innovative green and energy efficient solutions for AC and DC applications.

Secop, leading provider of cooling solutions for AC and DC applications, developed solutions for green refrigerants and enhanced energy-optimized systems and presents at Chillventa 2022 the range of innovative solutions for commercial, mobile and medical applications.

For AC light commercial, Secop developed a reliable and efficient series optimized for R290 commercial applications: the KL range. KLF include a new patented terminal plug for flammable refrigerants, aiming to support robust installations for food and beverage cabinets. For high capacity efficient cabinets Secop presents the SLVE18CN, an electronic controlled compressor able to replace high capacity fixed speed compressors in food retail and food service. To leverage flexibility and connectivity Secop presents a new generation of electronic controls for NLV and SVL, a new modular approach with multiple features to meet system needs in a flexible way. 

For DC battery-driven Secop presents a new compressor series: the BD nano. BD Nano inside reduced dimension offers enhanced cooling capacity, premium efficiency, low noise and low vibration. A perfect solution for new generation electrical vehicles and efficient portable cooling equipment. Secop shows a new generation of solar direct drive controllers, offering additional features in combination with BD Nano top performances, leveraging the technology widely installed worldwide with WHO approval.         

Secop bdn-r600a-left-angle-green-apple


For Medical Cold Chain Secop presents the full range of fix speed and variable speed compressors optimized for both medical storage and transportation. SECOP has developed an innovative patented solution for mobile ultra-low temperature condensing unit. A solution able to reach and guarantee down to -86°C even in severe ambient conditions, to support safe and reliable last mile transportation of new generation vaccines.       

For the distribution network Secop presents the new range of R290 condensing unit complaint to Ecodesign requirements, assembled with premium components and reliable process to offer top performances and quality. To support digital transformation Secop presents the new product selector by application, a new digital tool suitable to select the best compressor based on system requirements. 

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Vito Rimoldi S.p.A.

Bronze partner of Refrigeration Industry.

Hall 7A Stand 519


Vito Rimoldi S.p.A. will show reed valves, flapper valves, leaf valves, and valve retainers.

The company components are present in:

•             Domestic hermetic refrigeration compressors

•             Car air conditioners

•             Diversified high precision products


Precision steel blanking is one of our most important specializations. Our R&D department evaluates the relevant needs and designs the cutting dies for all types of products.

Vito Rimoldi precision steel

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