Flammable Refrigerants Webinar Series


Affirming the saying “what’s old is new again,” flammable refrigerants are once more poised to be part of the American cooling equipment landscape.  International and domestic policy making has accelerated consideration of such refrigerants as substitutes for those attributed to ozone depletion and global warming.  UL was exercising its thought leadership when, in 2011, it brought a number of stakeholders together to consider the safety implications of alternative refrigerants that were more flammable than those in common use.  Today, there are a great many regulations, codes and standards in various stages of development and implementation to accommodate the new refrigerants. Research testing is being conducted to better understand how theory about refrigerant leaks and blending to reduce flammability translate to real world equipment and their installation environments.  But, with all the current attention and initiatives, is there more to consider, research testing to be done?  These are the themes of UL’s Flammable Refrigerants Webinar Series.

In a series of four 1-hour webinar sessions, UL’s HVAC/R experts will provide an in-depth introduction to the topic, will review the regulations, standards and codes for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, will discuss the science of refrigeration leaks, detection and mitigation, and will finally hold an expert panel discussion on where the US market stands and what else needs to be considered as flammable refrigerants become part of where we work, shop and live.

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