Subject : International HVAC & Refrigeration, Pumps, Valves, Fittings, Water Treatment and Insulation

<strong>Venue/ Date: İstanbul Expo Center (Cnr Expo) / May 4-7, 2016</strong>

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One of the most important events of the sector, ISK-SODEX is an important event for sector professionals who would like to keep up with the latest developments and trends.

ISK-SODEX not only offers to gather different point of views from both its national and international exhibitos but also present lots of advantages to its exhibitors and visitors with the supporting programmes and co-operations with the most important sectoral associations. The importance of the exhibition is approved which offers meeting, having and developing business networks.

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<strong>Statistics of ISK-SODEX 2014</strong>

1.331 exhibitors (including co-exhibitors)

84.816 visitors from 126 countries

53.535 m2 net stand area

80% decision maker visitors, 92% of visitors are satisfied from the exhibition

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ISK-SODEX is one of the most important event as it offers a deep focus to all products of the sector represents the whole sector with the co-operations of associations, magazines, international exhibitons,creates long term business relationships.


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Source: <a href="http://sodex.com.tr" target="_blank">sodex.com.tr</a>

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