Commercial refrigeration for retail. What’s new at EuroShop 2023

When: 16 February 2023
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The webinar on February 16, 2023 at 11.00 a.m. CET Time. For free.

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The summary of the webinar

✅ Environmental issues drive the need for more energy efficiency and reducing CO2 footprint, especially with the increasing demand for retrofitting glass doors in shops.
✅  An ideal rack design for commercial refrigeration should aim to reduce the minimum capacity to fit the lowest minimum load in the system without on off cycling of the lead compressor.
✅  The very step technology has the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption in commercial refrigeration during winter time.
✅  Natural refrigerants are now completely available for all commercial and commercial applications, potentially leading to a shift away from traditional refrigerants with high GWP values.
✅  The use of Arctic certified components for propane refrigerants makes risk assessment easier and safer for commercial refrigeration.
✅  The use of low emissivity coatings on glass can have a strong impact on energy efficiency while maximizing transparency.
✅ The polytypical Eco Pro glass for horizontal freezers can reduce energy consumption by 20%, highlighting the significant importance of glass on a cabinet's energy efficiency.
✅ The transparent glass door with a specific intercaler can provide high energy savings and customization to customer needs, while also having a long lifespan.

You will learn about the latest innovations, new solutions for commercial refrigeration at EuroShop 2023.

You can ask your questions directly to the manufacturers of refrigeration equipment and components: BITZER, Frascold, Saint-Gobain Glass.

The event language is English.

Who is the webinar for. The event will be useful for:         

  • engineers and technicians of retail and restaurants - you will learn how to improve the efficiency of refrigeration equipment at your enterprise.

  • engineers of refrigeration contractor companies  - you will learn the latest trends in refrigeration.

The speakers

  • Master lowest part load conditions on your CO2 rack system with BITZER
Jörg Wittmann

Jörg Wittmann,
Manager Key Accounts & Market Sector Supermarket BITZER

In a supermarket application an installed refrigeration system has to be capable to handle a wide range of cooling load variations. In this context an excellent part-load control based on continuous step-less capacity modulation is essential for achieving an all-year high efficiency.

Based on a typical flash gas bypass system we will discuss in this session different compressor selections with various means of capacity control identifying their benefits for control performance and system efficiency.

  • Frascold’s footprint: a natural solution for safe and high-performance cooling

Kaven Nourrice

Kaven Nourrice,
Application Engineer of Frascold

We will discuss market trends for the commercial and industrial sectors, introducing for each the new products we will be exhibiting at the fair.

  • Saint-Gobain Glass’ glass door solutions – Energy efficiency and transparency


Isabelle BERNHEIM, International marketing manager Saint-Gobain Glass

Hadrien Heuclin

Hadrien HEUCLIN, R&D portfolio and programme responsible Saint-Gobain Glass


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How to become a speaker

Ask us via email info@refindustry.com or live chat (icon in the left corner).

The webinar will be held via MTeams. 

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