Hultsteins and Green Road Energy Announce Transatlantic Sustainability Partnership

Date: 14 June 2024
Hultsteins and Green Road Energy Announce Transatlantic Sustainability Partnership
Hultsteins, a pioneer in eco-friendly refrigeration technology, has formed a strategic partnership with US renewables specialist Green Road Energy to introduce cutting-edge carbon and cost-saving transport solutions in both the US and UK markets.

Based in Lakeland, Florida, Green Road Energy designs and produces innovative energy preservation systems that leverage wind, solar power, and vehicle-generated electricity. These systems provide low-cost, clean energy for auxiliary systems on trucks and trailers. The company's flagship product, the TAG (Turbine Auxiliary Generator) system, is gaining popularity among fleet operators in the US. This system, mounted to the trailer chassis, utilizes wind-turbine technology to generate electricity for tail lifts, fridge units, lighting, and auxiliary batteries, significantly reducing diesel fuel consumption and emissions.

Hultsteins' Ecogen2: A Diesel-Free Solution for Trailer Refrigeration

Hultsteins' ecogen2 is a state-of-the-art hydraulic drive generator designed to bypass the diesel engine on conventional trailer refrigeration units. The slim-fit system connects to the tractor's PTO, drawing power directly from the tractor engine to provide a constant 400-volt, 3-phase electrical power, even at idle. This innovative solution reduces CO2 emissions by around 90%, DPM by 90%, and NOx by approximately 400%, making it a virtually emission-free and cost-effective alternative to diesel power.

Reynolds Logistics, a national food service provider, has been using Hultsteins' ecogen2 for three years and recently placed a third order, bringing their total to 15 units. Additionally, they are testing two TAG systems on their temperature-controlled rigid units.

Expanding Eco-Friendly Solutions Across the Atlantic

Graham Usher, Managing Director of Hultsteins UK, commented on the partnership: “Both these energy-efficient systems are easy to retrofit and use basic, cost-effective technologies to reduce running costs and harmful emissions. With ecogen widely used in Europe and the TAG system gaining traction in the US, this new alliance enables operators on both sides of the Atlantic to benefit from these innovative, non-polluting alternatives to diesel power.”

Brian Arnold, Chief Technical Officer at Green Road Energy, recently visited Hultsteins in England and was impressed by the ecogen2 system. “Recognizing its potential to transform the transportation industry, I was motivated to bring this cutting-edge technology to the United States. After successful negotiations, Green Road Energy is now the official distributor of ecogen2 in America, offering fleet operators a powerful solution to enhance efficiency and reduce environmental impact,” said Arnold.
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