Strategic Partnerships Philip Dennis and Gray & Adams

Date: 13 August 2022

Philip Dennis is an independent wholesaler of fresh, chilled, frozen, and ambient goods to the hospitality, education, and care sectors from its three distribution centres in Ilfracombe, Witney, and Dudley. Although Philip Dennis has been in business for over 50 years, they are a new customer to Gray & Adams, having touched base with our sales team during the pandemic for an exact requirement for double deck trailers to enhance efficiencies across their business.

Discussing the new strategic relationship between the two businesses, Philip Dennis Managing Director, Stephen Carr tells us,

“During the pandemic, we looked at making some changes to our business as part of a strategy to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs. One of those changes was that we looked at consolidating the majority of our stock into one depot. To achieve this, we had to look at ways we could efficiently transport the goods overnight to and from the other two depots and this is when we approached Gray & Adams.”

Stephen explains,

“We wanted to look at the double deck trailer option as we could significantly reduce the journeys that we would make between the depots by effectively doubling the amount of stock that can be moved in one trip, and in addition significantly reduce fuel costs. Gray & Adams were the clear option to discuss this with as the original manufacturer of double deck trailers as well as their reputation for build quality and value for money.”

The result of this initial conversation with the Gray & Adams sales team was that Philip Dennis placed an order for three bespoke double deck trailers that are currently in production in the Fraserburgh depot.

“As well as maximising profitability, Philip Dennis is a forward-thinking company in terms of how we can reduce our carbon footprint throughout our operations. We have already implemented solar panels across our depots and have our own turbine to help generate clean power for the business. Therefore, our decision to move to double deck trailers aligns with that strategy. The majority of our fleet have electric fridge units installed and, in the future, we also want to consider moving to fully electric trailers and tractor units, but the first step on this journey is the shift from single to double decks to do our part with carbon footprint reduction.”

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