A-Gas UK unveils new refrigerant recovery service

A-Gas UK has unveiled a new recovery service to help engineers and end-users transform the way they tackle the job. Rapid Recovery is now available to customers across the UK and makes refrigerant recovery quicker and easier. Rapid Recovery was launched in the US to provide an outsourced refrigerant recovery service to contractors. A-Gas bought the company last year after it recognised that by offering a similar service in the UK it could make a big difference to the way the industry operates. A-Gas UK Managing Director John Ormerod said: “Rapid Recovery is a bespoke, F-Gas compliant recovery service with very high recovery rates – approximately ten times faster than traditional recovery units. The main benefit to contractors is that they are able to outsource this work to someone who is a specialist in the field of recovery. “Most engineers will tell you that the recovery process can take a great deal of time and anything that speeds it up is welcome. A lot of time is also wasted moving recovery cylinders to and from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment but A-Gas Rapid Recovery brings cylinders to the job. The equipment is independent of services like power, is portable and with 200ft hoses can reach RAC units wherever they are.” The equipment has been tried and tested in the US and the results have been impressive with contractors reporting a quick turn around on jobs. “There’s no doubt that Rapid Recovery saves time and money for the engineer and the end user,” added John Ormerod. A-Gas Rapid Recovery has a network of recovery vehicles and engineers in place across the UK to give contractors national coverage. This taskforce is available to go onsite at short notice and handle recovery work of all sizes. Rapid Recovery provides recovery services to a wide range of industries, including refrigeration, HVAC, demolition, and marine. The Rapid Recovery team will take care of all aspects of the job from start to finish including the hazardous waste documentation.   Read More
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