Adiabatic units enable deep-south CO2 installations

BAC’s adiabatic gas coolers are installed with transcritical systems in Florida and Southern California. Adiabatic gas coolers are one of the specialized technologies that enable transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems to operate efficiently in subcritical mode in high ambient temperatures. As evidence of that, Baltimore Aircoil Company (BAC) has installed its TrilliumSeries Condenser, an adiabatic gas cooler, with transcritical CO2 systems in a number of southern U.S. supermarket locations, including Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Naples, Fla., as well as Southern California locations such as Cerritos, Palm Springs and Palm Desert, according to Paul Noreen, BAC’s director of sales for North America, at the RETA National Conference in September. “We have transcritical operating in subcritical mode year-round in the hottest climates in the country,” he said. The addition of an adiabatic gas cooler increases the cost of a transcritical system about 10%, said Noreen, though the improved efficiency lowers the total cost of ownership. The stores do not use ejectors or parallel compression, though Noreen acknowledged that those features would further enhance the efficiency of the transcritical systems. Source:
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