AHRI 700 (2017): Specifications for Refrigerants

Date: 23 November 2017
AHRI 700 (2017): Specifications for Refrigerants
Standard Scope
This standard specifies acceptable levels of contaminants (purity requirements) for fluorocarbon, hydrocarbon, and carbon dioxide refrigerants regardless of source and lists acceptable test methods.

These refrigerants are as referenced in the ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 34 with Addenda:

Single-Component Fluorocarbon Refrigerants: R-11; R-12; R-13; R-22; R-23; R-32; R-113; R-114; R-115; R-116; R-123; R-124; R-125; R-134a; R-141b; R-142b; R-143a; R-152a; R-218; R-227ea; R-236fa; R-245fa; R-1233zd(E); R-1234yf; R-1234ze(E); and R-1336mzz(Z).

Single Component Hydrocarbon Refrigerants: R-50; R-170; R-E170; R-290; R-600; R-600a; R-601; R-601a; R-610; R-1150; and R-1270.

Carbon Dioxide Refrigerant: R-744.

Zeotropic Blend Refrigerants: R-401A; R-401B; R-402A; R-402B; R-403A; R-403B; R-404A; R-405A; R-406A; R-407A; R-407B; R-407C; R-407D; R-407E; R-407F; R-407G; R-408A; R-409A; R-409B; R-410A; R-410B; R-411A; R-411B; R-412A; R-413A; R-414A; R-414B; R-415A; R-415B; R-416A; R-417A; R-417B; R-417C; R-418A; R-419A; R-419B; R-420A; R-421A; R-421B; R-422A; R-422B; R-422C; R-422D; R-422E; R-423A; R-424A; R-425A; R-426A; R-427A; R-428A; R-429A; 430A; R-431A; R-434A; R-435A; R-437A; R-438A; R-439A; R-440A; R-442A; R-444A; R-444B; R-445A; R-446A; R-447A; R-447B; R-448A; R-449A; R-449B; R-449C; R-450A; R-451A; R-451B; R-452A; R-452B; R-452C; R-453A; R-454A; R-454B; R-454C; R-455A; R-456A; R-457A; R-458A; R-459A; R-459B; R-460A; and R-460B

Zeotropic Hydrocarbon Blend Refrigerants: R-432A; R-433A; R-433B; R-433C; R-436A; R-436B; R-441A; and R-443A.

Azeotropic Blend Refrigerants: R-500; R-502; R-503; R-507A; R-508A; R-508B; R-509A; R-510A; R-511A; R-512A; R-513A; R-513B; and R-515A.

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