Arneg supplied equipment for Merkur supermarket

Date: 16 July 2018
The Post Am Rochus Shopping Centre is located in the heart of Vienna's third district, facing the Rochusmarkt, which has been one of the capital's busiest and most popular markets since 1192. Variety and freshness on just about 1,400 m² make this store fun and colorful, thanks to its concept that reproduces as faithfully as possible a typical local market. Arneg, installated the refrigerated furniture here. Merkur has chosen:
  • SANTIAGO 2 for the butcher shop, where qualified butchers work quality fresh meat
  • LISBONA 2 for salami and dairy products, wurstels and sausages, pre-packaged fish products, but also in a vertical multi-deck version, to keep soft drinks fresh
  • ASTANA, the vertical cabinet with glass doors for frozen food, with reduced energy consumption;
  • BADEN, with its adaptable design and able to adapt to different food categories, is available for self-service, but also as a hot-case, as well as for fish and also for pastry;
  • LAVAL, open island with built-in motor, light and transparent, designed to combine advanced display solutions with high load capacity;
  • GANDER, like Laval, is characterized by minimal lines, but closed by sliding glasses to ensure a constant temperature.
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