BILLA has furnished with refrigeration equipments Arneg

Energy saving, environmental sustainability and the pursuit of high quality standards are the key elements on which is based the long relationship between Arneg and BILLA, the Austrian supermarket chainowned by REWE Group.

This year Arneg has furnished with refrigeration many supermarkets, among which BILLA at Liebenfels, BILLA at Keißlergasse in Vienna, BILLA at Grafenstein and BILLA at Gralla.

The new BILLA’s concept for retail stores is to reproduce a cozy and familiar atmosphere inside the supermarket. For this reason, REWE Group decided to turn the supermarket into a home cooking, aiming to the maximum energy saving and to environmental sustainability.

Arneg accepted the challenge furnishing the supermarkets with cutting-edge solutions. SANTIAGO 2, the vertical refrigerated cabinet with hinged glass doors has been built with the most advanced energy saving technologies: 57% reduction on refrigeration electrical energy consumption compared with the open version of the same cabinet. LISBONA 2, the vertical multi-deck cabinet paves the way for a new concept in product display, in which beautifully simple design, optimized use of space and effective lightning play a strategic role. LISBONA 2 is ideal for products as meat, salami, fruits and vegetables. PANAMA 3 P, the semi-vertical cabinet suitable for displaying fourth range products which, thanks to its excellent lighting, offers a complete view of the product on display. ASTANA, the vertical cabinet with glass doors used for self-service frozen products.

In particular, it has been very interesting the choice of BILLA at Liebenfels and Gralla to modify the meat exposure. For these stores it has been decided to use the combination of LISBONA 2 and LONDON 3 or LISBONA 2 H216 and LISBONA 2 H165 in order to enhance the visibility and, at the same time, to make the picking of products such as meat and cold cuts easier.

REWE Group has scheduled a few new openings for next months and Arneg, once again, will be proudly in charge of the entire refrigeration system.

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