Blue Cube Moves To Reduce GWP Of Its Products

Date: 17 May 2018
Leading suppliers of rental temperature controlled storage solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, logistics and manufacturing industries, Blue Cube Portable Cold Stores – part of The Turner Group – is moving to more efficient and lower GWP refrigerants in a push on their environmental sustainability targets. In a move prompted by increasing costs of the R404A refrigerant all of Blue Cube’s latest generation equipment is manufactured with lower Global Warming Potential (GWP) HFO blends whilst drop-ins are replacing existing refrigerants across current fleet units. These steps will not only benefit Blue Cube customers by reducing costs and environmental impact but goes towards their target to actively seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The newer refrigerants show up to a 64% reduction in GWP whilst offering up to 8% lower energy consumption and improved environmental properties. Steve Blakemore, Managing Director comments “we will continually strive to develop the most energy efficient equipment we can that will contribute, long term, to the quality of the environment “This not only demonstrates Blue Cube’s commitment to the environment but helps reduce our customer’s costs and carbon footprint” he concludes. Established in 2009, Staffordshire-based Blue Cube offers a wide range of technologically advanced, eco-friendly temperature controlled storage solutions including blast freezers, blast chillers, portable cold stores and tempering units. The company provides both standard and bespoke rental systems to suit individual performance and budgetary requirements. As well as rental, the company offers lease to buy options and ex-fleet units for purchase.
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