Carrier Hosts Arup Engineers for Educational Visit

Date: 27 April 2024
Carrier Hosts Arup Engineers for Educational Visit
Carrier Hosts Arup Engineers for Educational Visit
Carrier Hosts Arup Engineers for Educational Visit
Carrier Commercial HVAC recently welcomed two groups of mechanical engineers from renowned engineering firm Arup to its manufacturing and research facility in Montluel, France. 

The educational visit aimed to provide the 12 young engineers with insight into Carrier’s innovative chillers and heat pumps, emphasising the company’s commitment to education and training in HVAC technology and research. 

During the visit, the engineers were given an in-depth tour of Carrier's Montluel factory, exploring the chiller and heat pump assembly lines. They also had the opportunity to delve into Carrier's research and development laboratory and climate testing facilities, gaining valuable insights into the manufacturing processes and quality control measures.

William Doll, Product Marketing Director at Carrier, presented the company's chiller and heat pump roadmap for 2024, outlining upcoming innovations and advancements in the field. Eric Jasikas, Carrier’s Regulatory Affairs Director, provided an overview of EU governance and evolving regulations concerning refrigerants, highlighting Carrier's commitment to environmental sustainability.

The engineers also learnt about the logistics and transport processes involved in product assembly and on-site delivery, further enhancing their understanding of Carrier's operations and customer service practices.

The engineers expressed their appreciation for the educational opportunity. "We learnt a lot at Carrier’s facility, which certainly widened our perspectives,” said Ladi Ariyo, Arup engineer. “The experience will positively affect our interactions with clients in the future. We can now confidently answer client questions about the logistics of the equipment, the aftermarket options available, and how the products are climate tested.” 

“The climate testing in the R&D facility was particularly interesting,” said Lawrence Adekoya Arup engineer. “I didn’t realise it was possible to vigorously test so many variables. It was also interesting to hear Carrier’s perspective on market trends and the legislation around F-gas.”

Carrier's Montluel facility serves as one of the company's four centres of excellence across Europe. Spanning 7,500m2, the research and development laboratories boast state-of-the-art equipment capable of simulating a wide range of operating conditions encountered by Carrier's heat pumps. With 15 test rooms equipped with over 1,200 measurement sensors, the facility ensures rigorous testing and validation of Carrier's products, providing optimal performance and reliability for customers.

“It was fantastic to host Arup’s engineers at our centre of excellence facility in France,” said Oliver Sanders, Commercial Director Carrier Commercial HVAC UK and Ireland. “Educational visits like this, as well as our CIBSE-approved CPDs, underline our commitment to educating the next generation of engineers about sustainable and intelligent climate and energy solutions. We look forward to welcoming many other groups in the future.”
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