Climaveneta units for SSAB’s Lulea plant

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems, though its brand Climaveneta, has supplied the cooling system for SSAB Europe’s production facilities in Luleå, Sweden. SSAB is a leading manufacturer of high quality sheet metal, coarse sheet and tube products.  SSAB Europe's main production facilities are located in Brahestad and Tavastehus (Finland) and in Luleå and Borlänge (Sweden). SSAB Europe's steelworks have a production capacity of 4.9 million tonnes a year. In Luleå, SSAB manufactures ore-based steel of iron ore pellets, mainly from the Malm fields. To the port of Luleå, coal from Australia and the United States comes to the coking plant, where coal is heated and converted to gas and coke.  SSAB’s recipe book covers about 500 different grades of steel and approximately 7,700 tonnes of steel are transported every day. SSAB is continuously working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. As current processes have achieved a high degree of efficiency, there are only small opportunities to reduce emissions even more using current technologies. Therefore, in spring 2016, SSAB launched an initiative to find a solution to move completely away from the root cause of carbon dioxide emissions, and by 2045, SSAB aims to be totally fossil-free. The blast furnaces in Luleå are already among the most CO2-efficient in the world. The road to being completely fossil-free requires many innovations, and not just within the steel industry, but also in terms of the cooling system for the production plants. This is why SSAB chose to install a Climaveneta branded FOCS-W 1702 water cooled chiller, with a total cooling capacity of 403 kW. FOCS units use screw compressors, optimized for R134a refrigerant, and feature unbeatable cost/performance ratios.
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