CO2 Danfoss Mobile Training Unit arrives in US

This was one of the key messages delivered to approximately 40 customers, contractors, distributors and trade media during the introduction of the CO2 Mobile Training Unit in North America, on January 10 at Danfoss’ NAM headquarters in Baltimore, MD. “CO2 is continuing to gain traction in commercial refrigeration as food retailers look for ways to comply with legislation that phases out higher-GWP refrigerants,” explained Peter Dee, food retail sales and services director. “Danfoss has already been involved in more than 10,000 installations of CO2refrigeration systems worldwide.” During the event, Jeff Staub, director of regional applications—Americas, gave participants a summary of the key capabilities of the mobile training unit, and also highlighted some of the latest Danfoss products for CO2 food retail refrigeration systems, including ADAP-KOOL store managers and case controllers as well as the new CTM Multi-Ejector. Danfoss CTM Multi-Ejectors are the latest Danfoss innovation for CO2 refrigeration and recently won a prestigious AHR Expo Innovation Award. The ejectors remove the climate barriers for energy-efficient transcritical CO2 operation, enabling energy savings of 20 percent or more even in warm climates. “The technology for CO2 is available today, although it continues to evolve,” Staub said. “Part of our mission with the CO2 Mobile Training Unit is to provide retailers as well as contractors and service technicians with the necessary knowledge about CO2 that will enable them to take advantage of the full potential of this natural refrigerant.” The CO2 Mobile Training Unit addresses a critical industry need for training on the emerging technologies in natural refrigerants, which are both a sustainable and economical choice for refrigeration systems.   Read More
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