Daikin and Miura Enter a Capital and Business Partnership

Date: 06 June 2024
Daikin and Miura Enter a Capital and Business Partnership
Daikin Industries, Ltd., a leading global HVAC&R manufacturer, and Miura Co., Ltd., an industrial boiler manufacturer, announced their decision to enter a capital and business partnership at a board of directors meeting of both companies held on May 30, 2024.

Under this partnership, Daikin will invest in Miura and acquire 4.67% of its outstanding shares, while Miura will invest in Daikin Applied Systems Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin, and acquire a 49% share of the company. Leveraging the business networks of both companies, including products, technologies, and services enable them to get involved in the equivalent of 50% of the total energy used at a single factory in some industries. Likewise, the companies intend to provide one-stop, total solution proposals related to heat, air, and water that include air conditioning, steam boilers, and water treatment systems at factories across Japan. Concrete measures for collaboration between the companies will soon begin to achieve carbon neutrality in the factory market.

This partnership will focus on the extensive range of Daikin energy-saving and environmentally conscious air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating-related products while utilizing the engineering capabilities cultivated by Daikin Applied Systems. With Miura’s field service capabilities, such as proposals and equipment operation and support, the synergy between the companies will lead to resolving issues for improving energy savings and reducing CO2 emissions at factories. In this way, Daikin and Miura look to accelerate the challenge of reducing unintentional heat losses to zero, by enabling various usage of waste heat at industrial heat utilization sites, which are all unique to each and every factory.

In the future, Daikin and Miura will expand the solutions developed at factories in Japan to other regions to contribute to the decarbonization of factories around the globe.
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