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Sometimes it really does pay to read the small print. Reading the latest ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments, we were impressed by ASHRAE’s clear recommendation that standard temperature sensors mounted on walls and columns weren’t deemed adequate for effective data centre temperature testing. ASHRAE also suggest that components such as racks with no dedicated thermal sensors have ‘no way to stay within their thermal limits’. In this month’s DCOP Newsletter we’re looking at the role of AI in data centres with Data Centre News, highlighting the continued pressure on legacy server rooms, and concentrating on the continued importance of doing more with less when it comes to Data Centre Optimisation. Our recent research has continued to receive strong coverage, and we’re heading to Norway for real innovation when it comes to data centre cooling.
  • Unlocking the Power of AI Machines in the Data Centre – We’re expecting the role of AI in data centres to attract a lot of attention at the upcoming Datacloud Europe event in Monaco. Projections suggest that applying Machine Learning to complex data centres has the potential to cut data centre energy usage by 15%. That sounds great, but don’t forget to concentrate on Data Centre Optimisation, where our customers are already saving 20-40% on their cooling costs.
  • Further Pressures on Legacy Server Rooms – According to The Green Grid, innovations such the Internet of Things, social media and the number of smartphones and tablets accessing data are just three of the key factors accelerating the global demand for compute power and energy consumption.
  • Doing More with Less – Important reminder that meeting evolving organisational data demands isn’t going to be easy. This Networks Asia comment, suggests that ‘budgets need to be stretched to do more with less’, and references IDC’s Jennifer Cooke suggesting that ‘IT funding for digital transformation is challenging’. Perhaps it’s time to look again at your data centre capacity utilisation?
  • 66% of Cooling Equipment isn’t Actually Delivering Active Cooling Benefits – Great to see Mission Critical Power also picking up on the recent EkkoSense survey into data centre cooling optimisation. Our research also featured in The Stack and Cloud Computing News.
  • Fjord Focus Unlocks Innovative Cooling Capabilities – At EkkoSense we’re serious about optimising data centre cooling, so we’re obviously impressed by the new underground data centre recently opened in Norway that uses cold seawater from a neighbouring fjord to achieve an impressive power usage effectiveness score. If only we all had a handy fjord to solve our cooling issues!
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