Eliwell release new 7.5.0 version of TelevisGo

TelevisGo, the Eliwell monitoring and maintenance system via web, is now available in the new 7.5.0 version. Discover a number of new functionalities and simplified procedures aimed at reducing at minimum level the time requested to configure a new system. Simplification of the user interface. TelevisGo 7.5.0 condenses in just one page all the network configuration functions that were previously displayed in four pages. Templates introduction. You will have the possibility to create, save and apply a set of pre-defined configuration templates. This function will enable you to create a configuration library which can be used several times. This allows a very fast installation of the system. New “propagate” function. Thanks to TelevisGo 7.5.0 you will be able to replicate very quickly the configuration parameters from one controller to a series of similar controllers thus speeding up the configuration procedure. televisgo-750 Source: Eliwell
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