Engineering Tomorrow Requires Collaboration Today

Danfoss is investing in our future alongside our most trusted and important business partners. With the opening of our brand-new Application Development Center (ADC) in Tallahassee, Florida, we are cementing our position as a technological pioneer within refrigeration and air conditioning. The new structure joins three other Cooling ADCs worldwide, where OEMs and Danfoss engineers work together to create, test, and validate innovative solutions for the future. These new facilities enable us to accelerate ahead of our competitors and set the standards of tomorrow. Experts predict that 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050. That is 2.5 billion more people living in mega cities than in present day—which the UN estimates as the equivalent of adding 235 more cities each the size of Paris. This remarkable population growth creates new challenges for housing, infrastructure, transportation, and energy, and requires new and innovative thinking on our behalf to find the best solutions. But we can’t do it alone. Our collaboration with our industry peers is what will drive the creativity and forethought to prepare us for the challenges of tomorrow. We’ve created just the right environment for this kind of work to take place, and our preparations offer our associates access several distinct advantages: Collaboration with experts Our ADC partners get access to state-of-the-art test facilities, superior technical expertise, and deep application knowledge by teaming up with our experienced engineers. Innovation through testing Together, we improve solutions and verify performance by bench marking, developing, remodeling, testing, and validating cooling systems. We’re also proud to be able to offer the first-ever CO2supermarket test facility. Business acceleration Collaborating at our ADCs will decrease costs, reduce development time, and bring solutions to market faster. We’re also equipped to make strides on environmental impact by reducing the overall carbon footprint and preparing to meet current and future refrigerant legislation. These advantages help get our customer and us ahead of the competition. Stefan Pietrek, Senior Director of Danfoss Cooling Global Applications confirmed the ADC mission: "We partner with OEMs to help them incubate new-to-the-world innovations, meet new efficiency standards, improve quality and time-to-market, and reduce emissions and energy related costs. In our state-of-the-art test facilities, we provide laboratory capacity and industry-leading application knowledge. Together, we prepare for the transition to new refrigerants and support the industry in meeting the increasingly stringent regulations and standards shaping our future." The stage is set. The only thing left to do now is innovate.   Read More
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