EVAPCO opens UAE office

Date: 01 February 2019
EVAPCO opens UAE office
Having successfully delivered installations in the region over the years, EVAPCO's track record in the Middle East is enviable. Its new office, which opened recently here in Dubai, is aimed at providing enhanced infrastructure and advisory support to clients in terms of installing units and aftersales services.

Jelle Wagelmans, Sales Manager, Middle East, EVAPCO, says the potential for business in the region is immense, and EVAPCO is well prepared to seize the opportunity.

“Irrespective of the current downslide in some countries, we believe the prospects are bright, especially since we take a long-term view,” he observes, adding that the UAE will have a major role to play in this regard.

EVAPCO offers holistic solutions for all kinds of cooling requirements including the design and manufacture of quality products for evaporative cooling and industrial refrigeration. EVAPCO also excels in the field of district cooling.

Wagelmans says that apart from installation projects there are various kinds of requirements from clients including repairing and up-grading existing units, as well as overhauling them with new installations.

“The frequency of opting for retrofit is higher in this part of the world than what we see in Europe because of adverse climatic impact and often the lack of good maintenance,” he adds.“We offer complete solutions, as we value our clients. The demand for quality products is on the rise, and companies and stakeholders are increasingly realising the utility of installing Evapco products.”

The trend in the GCC region is slowly graduating from the individual cooling of buildings towards district cooling.

Wagelmans mentions that a rise in the awareness of health and safety standards is a direct result of the regulatory framework that authorities in the UAE implemented.

“There is growing awareness with regard to the fire protection aspect of cooling towers. Compliance has been more stringent of late, with pressure being placed on stakeholders to ensure that cooling towers are made with the proper materials.”

EVAPCO, with its state-of-the-art products plays a critical role here. EVAPCO has raised concerns about the substandard and mislabelled products in the market in the past and Wagelmans is firm of the view that there would be no compromise when it came to the quality and safety of its products.

“We are global manufacturers, and our products come from our US and European factories, mainly from the Belgian factory.”

Based in Maryland in the U.S., with its European headquarters in Belgium, EVAPCO products are manufactured across 24 locations in 10 countries, and supplied through a sales network of more than 170 offices.

“We design, manufacture and install our own products, and do not buy products from other sources,” says Wagelmans.

With technology being driven for customer benefit at EVAPCO, the firm is set to unveil more promising innovations next year.
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