FläktGroup Wins DCS Cooling Innovation of the Year Award

Date: 09 June 2024
FläktGroup Wins DCS Cooling Innovation of the Year Award

FläktGroup is pleased to announce that its innovative Hydro Denco solution has won the DCS Cooling Innovation of the Year award. The award was presented at a prestigious event in London, attended by FläktGroup's Group CEO Trevor Young, CSO Dave Dorney, and Data Centre Directors Rama Arumugasamy and Jonas Caino.

Why Hydro Denco Won

  • Resilience & Energy Efficiency: Hydro Denco provides unparalleled cooling efficiency with simplified design, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal energy use.
  • Sustainability: The solution eliminates mechanical refrigeration and incorporates advanced EC motors, significantly reducing environmental impact.
  • Scalability: Hydro Denco is designed to meet the demands of the most challenging data centres, offering easy installation, maintenance, and robust performance.

How the Achievement Was Realized

  • Simplification: Hydro Denco removes the need for compressors, refrigerants, and complex controls, simplifying the system and bypassing regulatory hurdles.
  • Efficiency: Advanced cooling coils and streamlined air systems enhance efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption.
  • Innovative Water Systems: The use of advanced water systems and in-house smart controls ensures optimal performance with minimal energy use.

Proven Results

Hydro Denco units are achieving remarkable cooling efficiency worldwide, with partial Power Utilisation Effectiveness (pPUE) as low as 1.05. In a recent project in London, Hydro Denco reduced cooling energy consumption by 28%, resulting in a nearly 10% reduction in overall site energy use.

FläktGroup is honored to receive this award, which highlights the company's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in the data centre sector.

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