Flammable Refrigerant Options for Natural Technologies

Date: 05 July 2018

FRONT is a demonstration funded under LIFE, the EU’s financial instrument supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects. The project should result in Europe’s largest leakage size and simulation database for equipment using flammable refrigerants.

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<h3>Update and access to LIFE FRONT documents</h3>
The first LIFE FRONT webinar was held on 25 April and was attended by 120 participants.

The project website allows you to watch the 1-hour webinar and contains the three presentations
    <li>Project overview and market survey (results available in September 2018) (29 slides</li>
    <li>Heat pump manufacturer AIT experience (4 slides</li>
    <li>Determination of maximum HC charges (21 slides</li>
<h3>The Standards Action Group FRONT</h3>
Within the project an effort is made to gather around 50 experts (from industry, trade bodies, academia, NPOs, etc.) interested in the development of EU and international standards for hydrocarbons.

The main expectation from participants will be to join an online working group, which allows for an exchange of input to stages and deliverables in the project. It would involve experts from around the world and the meetings would occur mostly online.
<h3>Project consortium</h3>
The project is led by Shecco, in coordination with ECOS (European Environmental Citizens Organisation for Standardisation), the consultancy HEAT and the companies AHT, AIT and NIBE.
<h3>Recommended actions</h3>
Manufacturers and associations who are dealing with refrigerants may find it useful to consult the project website at regular intervals.

It may prove useful for experts to participate in the standards action group.

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