Geoclima achieves AHRI WCCL Certification

Geoclima has earned the trusted AHRI Certified mark, an assurance of the product’s performance, for the water cooled range of products. AHRI certification is worldwide considered to be the major standard and the most trusted source of performance certification for heating, air conditioning, water heating and commercial refrigeration equipment. In fact, although it is not mandatory, AHRI certification is very often a specified requirement by Consulting Engineers, Building Owners and Contractors everywhere, from Australia to the USA. For this reason at Geoclima we decided to certify our products, in order to give further and stronger assurance of performance data provided. With AHRI WCCL Certification customers are assured that Geoclima Water Cooled Chillers will perform in accordance with the performance values declared in the technical documentation and in the selection software Geoselectool. We applied to the WCCL program (Water-Cooled Water-Chilling and Heat Pump Water-Heating Packages Using the Vapor Compression Cycle), for water cooled chillers. On-site testing were carried out by CETIAT, an independent laboratory under contract to AHRI, at Geoclima’s test center. Tests were carried out on both small capacity and high capacity water cooled Turbomiser and V-Range chillers – as samples of the complete Geoclima water-cooled chillers range – that were tested at part load and full load capacity. AHRI WCCL Certification represents a key milestone in Geoclima’s international growth strategy. With sales offices and production in Italy, Russia, Thailand and Australia, we are currently branching out to the USA and AHRI WCCL certification makes Geoclima a trust-worthy brand and a reliable partner for customers worldwide.   Read More

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