ICF Valve Stations Danfoss Celebrate 10th Anniversary

For the last ten years, the ICF Valve stations from Danfoss have set a new standard in industrial refrigeration. With more than 50,000 installations world-wide, the smart valve stations have proved to be safe and cost efficient throughout the life cycle. "We are proud to see the ICF celebrating its 10th anniversary stronger than ever. Our ambition is to continue to move the market from conventional valve trains to the smart, easy-to-install valve stations by adding new sizes, new functionality and materials and provide complete ICF based solutions to our current range", says Kurt M. Sand, Product Manager, Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration. In 2016, the ICF 50, 65 large line and the new stainless steel ICF 20 and 25 were added to the program that now comprises 5 different ICF valve housing sizes, covering in total more than 530 individual ICF variants. The complete ICF range is approved for high pressure systems and is ready for use in the growing markets for cascade solutions combining the benefits of NH3 and CO2 refrigeration. With only two field welds compared to 13 field welds in comparable valve trains, the safety in high-pressure systems is greatly enhanced with the integrated valve station, where strainers, check valves, solenoid valves, hand expansion valves and motorized valves are built into one, compact unit. "ICF provides very tangible benefits to contractors and end-users in terms of significantly reduced installation time, easy service and maintenance and not least energy savings due to the low pressure drop in the valve stations compared to traditional valve trains", says Kurt M. Sand and underlines that the valve stations come pre-tested from the factory to live up to the required safety requirements. In terms of energy savings, the pressure drop in ICF has been measured by a third party technological institute to be up to 86% lower than in traditional valve trains. The low-pressure drop enables pumps and compressors to return significant energy savings during operation.   ICF family_new738x400px ICF 20 and 25 – the Only Stainless Steel Valve Stations in the World The latest addition to the ICF product program was the ICF 20 and 25 made of stainless steel. "Our customers have requested corrosion resistant valve stations with a long service life even in aggressive environments. To fulfil this demand, we have launched new ICF variants in stainless steel. So far, we offer two sizes and more will follow", says Kurt M. Sand. The stainless steel variants are also available with approval for use in marine applications. Facts About the ICF Range
  • Designed for industrial refrigeration applications for a maximum working pressure of up to 52 bar/754 psig.
  • Applicable to all common non-flammable refrigerants including R717, R744 (CO2)
  • Direct weld connections
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Modular Concept, each housing is available with several different connection types and sizes
  • Valve service is performed by replacing the function module
  • Side ports for the connection of pressure gauges, transmitters, sight glasses, service valve etc.
Source: Danfoss
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