IIR Calls to Action for World Refrigeration Day

Date: 06 May 2019
IIR Calls to Action for World Refrigeration Day
The new event will be contribute to the promotion and raising awareness of the HVACR sector.

The year 2019 is going to be very special for the refrigeration community. Not only will 2019 welcome the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration, it will also be the year that the world’s first Refrigeration Day will be celebrated – June 26.

On February 18-22, 2019, the International Institute of Refrigeration joined decision makers at the Second OzonAction Global Inter-Regional and Parallel Networks Meeting, and at the Twinning Workshop on Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Refrigeration held at the UNESCO head office in Paris (France). During this event, the UN Environment and OzonAction took the opportunity to express their full support for World Refrigeration Day.

Call to Action for World Refrigeration Day

In coordination with the many supporting associations and companies worldwide, the IIR is launching a Call to Action for World Refrigeration Day.

In support of this special day, and with the aim of raising awareness and boosting accessibility of the refrigeration sector from the grassroots up on an international level, the IIR is calling to all stakeholders to actively help bring the HVACR sector to the public eye by organising initiatives in their national markets.

Such initiatives could include, for example, holding open days at refrigeration training centres, organising a poem or a photo competition in coordination with national engineering schools, proposing initiation to refrigeration webinars in sign language or visiting local schools to give the younger generation an opportunity to discover the field.

Whatever your idea, whether big or small, tell the IIR!

As the only independent, intergovernmental organisation in the field of refrigeration, the IIR will create and promote a directory of all the different activities that will be organised worldwide in support of this day.

Send your proposals to the IIR, preferably by May 20, at iif-iir@iifiir.org with the subject “Call to Action: World Refrigeration Day”.

Proposals should include a brief description of the activity, location, time of the event and contact information.

Remember, World Refrigeration Day every June 26 will not only be an ideal way to recognise the many historical achievements of the industry, but will also be the hallmark to say “Everyone’s included!”

Attracting the younger generation to a growing industry is key to ensuring its sustainable development for years to come. It is therefore paramount that the younger generation remain a focus of our efforts when promoting the industry.

We are counting on you to help make the world’s first Refrigeration Day on June 26, 2019 a success.

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