Jacksons launch new aero roof eco truck

We’re proud to launch a new eco, aerodynamic refrigerated truck body which is claimed to be the most environmentally friendly yet. It combines several features previously thought not achievable to produce what could be the ultimate radial refrigerated distribution body.

It uses our own Eistechnik refrigeration and combines this with a movable bulkhead for multi temperature operations, a front sloping roof aligned with air management fairings and rear roof vortex generation.

Sloping Roof refrigerated vehicle by Jackson Coachworks

Eutectic  refrige ration produces no CO emissions or noise pollution in use and the sloping roof and air management improve fuel efficiency and minimize

corner damage. The moving bulkhead – previously thought impossible with eutectics – allows flexibility for multi temperature operations.

Because of their advanced design the Eisbars (Pats pending), our’s own eutectic beam, require only about ½ the power compared to other systems, to charge down to temperature substantially reducing power costs as well as pollution. Yet the Eisbars provide over 1/3 more refrigeration capacity for frozen applications and nearly double the power for chill use.

In a time when progressively more Authorities ‘score’ their food suppliers for their environmental policies before awarding contracts this unique combination could prove to be a real winner as each set is supplied with its own Environmental Certificate.

Source:  Jacksons

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