Kaltra breaks new ground with microchannel coils for A2L refrigerants

Date: 19 June 2024
Kaltra breaks new ground with microchannel coils for A2L refrigerants
Kaltra, well known for its microchannel heat exchangers, including ones with low volume and low refrigerant charge, installed and commissioned new fin machines, which made it possible to design and manufacture high-capacity coils with the exact small charges.

On average, the capacity increase is 20% for new condensers and 25% for evaporator coils.

Named for their ASHRAE safety classification, A2L refrigerants, specifically R290 (propane – became extremely popular as refrigerant in recent years), as well as R32, R454b, and others, highlight mild flammability, low global warming potential (GWP), and low toxicity. The A2L flammability classification of these refrigerants restricts charge amounts, making the internal volume of heat exchangers a characteristic of the highest importance for manufacturers.

New coils expand the application range for air conditioners based on that technology. Together with Kaltra’s know-how in pre-dehumidification (patent pending), this promises a new level of efficiency for heat pump units by reducing defrost operation time.

Besides, new coils demonstrate exceptional efficiency in subcooler applications, e.g., air-cooled chillers, delivering very close approach temperatures and reducing exergy losses. For the coming scroll chillers range, Lightstream Scroll Evo, Kaltra will offer a solution for mild climates with the advantage of low refrigerant charge, R32, R454b, and R290, as well as a high-ambient condenser option — all based on newly engineered coils.

Currently, Kaltra offers more than 400 combinations of tubes and fins for its microchannel heat exchangers, with different widths of multiport tubes, port numbers and sizes, and fin pitches. This extensive range allows for a high level of customization – the broadest in the industry – of heat exchangers to be tailored to meet customer specifications.
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