Kaltra supplies high-efficient chillers for Sloterdijk

Date: 07 December 2022
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Kaltra is finalizing manufacturing for air-cooled chillers with high-efficiency packages ordered by its customer in the Netherlands, intended to service a business center in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam municipality.

The project is focused on low energy consumption, cost efficiency, and environmental sustainability. Specializing in high-efficiency chillers, Kaltra selected its newest air-cooled solution based on screw compressors with stepless capacity regulation, Lightstream Screw II.

For plant reliability and load optimization purposes, the overall cooling load was distributed between 4 units of unequal capacities (for plant efficiency improvement) and will operate under the control of inbuilt sequence management software. The total calculated workload of 4MW cooling is split between two 1250kW and two 750kW chillers, supporting cooling loads from as low as 4% to peak capacity.

Newly introduced twin-slab condenser coils provide high subcooling, contributing to improved efficiency, particularly at partial loads.

The use of refrigerant R513a with a GWP value of as low as 573 (about 56% reduction vs. R134a) adds environmental sustainability to the solution. For safety purposes, the industry’s best-performing gas leak detectors were added to each chiller.

Commissioning and startup works will be performed by Kaltra engineers in February 2023. All equipment is subject to Kaltra’s 3-year warranty reinforced with a comprehensive Tier-III maintenance contract.

Relocation of Kaltra Altmünster office

With business growth in South Germany, Austria and neighboring areas, Kaltra relocated its office in Altmünster to a new, spacious location to meet this expansion and extend the resources offered to customers.

The new address is: Kaltra GmbH, Teichwiesweg 7/1, 4813 Altmünster, Austria

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