New AC & DC Voltage Compressors Secop's Catalogs Available for Download

Date: 16 August 2021
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Secop has just released two new catalogs – Hermetic Compressors for AC Voltage & Hermetic Compressors for DC Voltage.
Both catalogs have been updated with the latest compressor types. Technical data and basic compressor information have been revised.

Hermetic Compressors for AC Voltage

  • Refrigerants: R290, R600a, R134a · R513A, R404A/R507 · R452A, R407C
  • P / T / D / K / N / F / S / G-Series compressors
  • DLV / NLV / SLV / SLVE variable-speed compressors
  • Basic AC compressor information
  • International system of units
  • Imperial units

Hermetic Compressors for DC Voltage

  • Refrigerants: R290, R600a, R134a · R1234yf, R404A/R507
  • BD P-Housing, BD T-Housing and BD Micro compressors
  • Basic DC compressor information
  • Application examples

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