New Bitzer Painting System: Another Investment in Sustainability at the Rottenburg-Ergenzingen Site

Date: 20 June 2024
New Bitzer Painting System: Another Investment in Sustainability at the Rottenburg-Ergenzingen Site

BITZER, the specialist in refrigeration, air conditioning, and heat pump technology, is investing in a new painting system and accompanying building to enhance sustainability and secure the future of its Rottenburg-Ergenzingen site. The resource-efficient facility is scheduled to commence operations in 2026.

“BITZER has stood for quality ‘made by BITZER’ for 90 years,” says Christian Wehrle, CEO of the BITZER Group. “We are pleased to continue investing in Germany’s future with the construction of this new painting system, enhancing both the quality and sustainability aspects of our products.” The new facility is set to become operational in 2026, utilizing advanced technology to improve both quality and resource efficiency. “Our goal with the new painting system is to reduce resource usage per product by more than 20 percent,” says Kai Schuppler, Vice President Fulfillment EMEA and Plant Manager at BITZER’s Rottenburg-Ergenzingen site.

Resource-Efficient Facility

The new facility marks a significant milestone for the traditional Sindelfingen-based company:

  • Fully automated painting process minimizing paint usage
  • Exclusive use of waste heat generated on-site for painting processes
  • Utilization of electricity from both internal and natural resources

For instance, the switch to a dry spray wall with rotating brushes will drastically reduce filter waste, with up to 90 percent fewer filters needing disposal. The painting system features an exhaust air purification system with an adsorption wheel for volatile organic compounds (VOC), ensuring a reduction in VOC emissions by 87 percent through regenerative thermal oxidation. This system does not require additional heating energy, as it processes the exhaust air from the painting booths, drying zones, and paint dryers for autothermal operation. “BITZER is adopting new and forward-looking surface technology with this system,” says independent systems planner Peter Herbold. “Process and quality security are of the highest priority in the new facility, while minimizing VOC emissions, paint usage, and filter materials represents another step towards a sustainable future in production.”

BITZER is working towards achieving climate neutrality by 2030 at its Sindelfingen, Rottenburg-Ergenzingen, and Rottenburg-Hailfingen sites, and has already received the “Sindolf” sustainability award for its efforts. These sites can already generate up to 90 percent of their annual electricity needs through a mix of sustainable energy sources, including photovoltaic systems on the roofs of the Sindelfingen and Rottenburg-Ergenzingen sites, and a wind turbine visible from the Rottenburg-Ergenzingen plant.

Rottenburg-Ergenzingen is one of 19 global production sites within the BITZER Group. As a production facility for screw and scroll compressors, the site has significantly contributed to the company's growth. In addition to production, parts of the development are also located in Rottenburg-Ergenzingen. Since 2016, the SCHAUFLER Academy, an international training and education center for the industry, has been based at this site.

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