New Report on the Integration of the CryoHub Technology

Date: 13 August 2018
A report has recently been released detailing where and when the CryoHub technology could be deployed in the EU to provide the greatest value. Several energy scenarios are analysed and existing refrigeration infrastructure at an EU, and a national level for five countries (UK, Belgium, Spain, Bulgaria and Germany) have been selected to represent the diversity across the EU. The report found that with growing levels of electricity generation from variable renewable sources and a significant number of refrigerated warehouses, the CryoHub technology has the potential to provide value in many areas of the EU through the 2020s. However, as Liquid Air Energy Storage is still pre-commercial, and with the proportion of electricity from variable renewable sources still low in many countries, it is likely that the technology will not be deployed widely under current market conditions. Countries which have the greatest need for additional energy system flexibility as well as having the most refrigerated warehouses are likely to gain the most value from the technology initially, with the UK and Spain being the first to benefit. To read the full report, visit 
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