Panasonic’s R32 Floor Console Wins Prestigious iF Design Award

Date: 15 May 2019
Panasonic’s R32 Floor Console Wins Prestigious iF Design Award
Panasonic has received an iF Design Award for its residential Floor Console Air Conditioner. The iF Design Award, presented by the International Forum Design, celebrates outstanding design amongst designers and manufacturers, providing a gold standard for pioneering products. Judges consider everything from environmental impact, functionality and cosmetic appearance.

Panasonic’s Floor Console Air Conditioner with R32, which offers a stylish alternative to traditional radiators, won the prestigious accolade thanks to several innovative features.

Stylish and modern design

The pure white aesthetic complements modern interiors and the compact design means it fits into most living spaces or bedrooms. It has a narrow depth for easy installation (600H x 750W x 207D mm) and can be mounted directly on the floor or fixed under a window, adapting to varying spaces. It can also be partially concealed in a wall for even more discretion.

High environmental and energy performance

Using R32 refrigerant, the floor console can operate with higher efficiency levels, compared to R410A solutions, providing a cost saving solution. R32 is easy to recycle, has zero impact on the ozone layer and 75% less impact on GWP (global warming potential), helping to lower the carbon footprint of a building.

With a high energy performance rating of A ++ / A ++, the console can efficiently operate in heating mode up to -15°C, and cooling mode up to +43°C.

Exceptional indoor comfort

Vertical and horizontal blowing from the top of the unit allows a homogeneous diffusion of air into the room. In heating mode, it diffuses the airflow up and down. In cooling mode, it diffuses fresh air upwards. The sound level of the console has been designed to respect comfort, with a super quiet 20 dB (a) in low speed (whispering sound level).

Air purification is enhanced thanks to Panasonic’s nanoe X technology for fresher, healthier air. By generating hydroxyl radicals (OH), which oxidises chemicals and bacteria in the atmosphere, it can work simultaneously in heating or cooling operation to remove pollen, pollution, fungi and even cigarette smoke from the air. It also reduces odours in the room and includes an internal dehumidifier to limit the propagation of mould and bacteria. Nanoe X also helps to control allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Smart control

Homeowners, end users or small business owners can use the infrared remote controller provided or download the “Panasonic AC Controller” app. The app allows users to remotely control up 10 different sites with 20 indoor units per site, making it ideal for business owners. Users can optimise comfort, monitor energy consumption and operate the specific functionalities of each unit from any iOS and Android smartphone or tablet.

From design to energy efficiency, the Floor Console Air Conditioner by Panasonic is a worthy winner of the iF Design Award 2019.

Available in four capacities: 2.5kw (CS-Z25UFEAW), 3.5kw (CS-Z35UFEAW) and 5kw (CS-Z50UFEAW) for Multi and Single Split, and a 2kw unit (CS-MZ20UFEA) for Multi-Split only.
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