Perpetual V2G names Fraikin as exclusive leasing partner in the temperature-controlled sector


Fraikin has been named exclusive leasing partner in the temperature-controlled sector for clean fuel specialists Perpetual V2G’s new silent-running, zero-emissions battery system. The technology can power the refrigeration units fitted to 3.5-tonne light commercial vehicles (LCVs), and Fraikin is making a demonstrator available for fleets to trial nationwide.

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As the first system of its kind in Europe, it has been designed to future-proof LCV fleets against ever-tightening environmental legislation, by lowering toxic emissions and sound pollution levels, while also dramatically reducing running costs.

Perpetual V2G harnessed Fraikin’s experience in the fleet management and supply of temperature-controlled LCVs, on either short or long-term hire, to tailor its technology – making software and hardware changes to facilitate easy mounting of the battery system on to both mono-temperature and multi-temperature models.

The new technology can be charged via the mains or by harvesting wasted power through the vehicle’s alternator – one of the unique aspects of the design. For optimum efficiency, Euro VI engine alternators operate intermittently, preventing them from providing the consistent charge lithium-ion batteries require to remain operational.

Normally, the need for constant engine power to run refrigeration units means the stop/start feature on modern LCVs is inhibited, negating potential fuel and emissions savings. The battery-powered Perpetual V2G system allows for this feature to remain operational.


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