Proposed European Standard EN 14624 on refrigerant detectors

Date: 09 May 2019
Proposed European Standard EN 14624 on refrigerant detectors
There is a proposed revision to the current EN standard on “Performance of portable leak detectors and of room monitors for halogenated refrigerants” EN 14624 from 2012.

The proposed revision is “Performance of portable locating leak detectors and of fixed gas detectors for all refrigerants” prEN 14624 of 2018.

The working group expert responsible for the revision is Jonas Sjöström of Sweden.

Some IRI members will have attended an excellent presentation he made on refrigerant detector standards in Malahide in April 2018.

This consultation stage of proposed revision is now concluding.

Jonas is conscious that there are no native English speakers on the working group and he has specifically asked the IRI to invite interested parties to review the proposed revision and offer helpful suggestions on the proposed revision.

He would very much welcome editorial comments or suggestions that might improve the readability of the text of the standard.

Interested parties should e-mail and they will be sent a copy of the draft revised standard.

Any submissions are requested to be sent to by Monday 13 May.

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