Sanhua released the EAnnual and ESG Report for 2023

Date: 06 June 2024
Sanhua released the EAnnual and ESG Report for 2023
According to the annual report of Sanhua Intelligent Controls (SIC), regarding the refrigeration and air-conditioning electrical components sector, the revenue in 2023 of Sanhua Holding Group is 14.64 BN. It is +5.86% more than in 2022. The gross profit margin was also higher at 28.20%.
The gross profit margin was also higher at 28.20%. Total assets represent 318.91 million RMB. Over 13.3 million shares have been repurchased, for a total of approximately 305.94 million shares by March 2024.

At the same time as having a business objective, the company is taking action to contribute to sustainable development in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Constantly research and green development

According to ESG, as of the end of the past year, 3,792 intellectual property rights obtained, including 1,879 invention patents were recorded.  

For Sanhua, the top priority is sustainable development management, like involving intelligent low-carbon economies. As an important part of our sustainable development strategy, we are building a resource-efficient and environmentally friendly company. SHG puts emphasis on the environmental impact of the full life cycle of products; it means monitoring the environmental impact of products and measuring and assessing the impacts of products, from design and sustainable development to cycle carbon footprint tracking and other traceability information.

The company can be proud that it has 16 of our subsidiaries that are certified with the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001), and 4th green factories.

"The Company achievements realize that we continue to develop and keep raising the bar to itself, and to give the best solutions while simultaneously protecting the environment. It is the basis of the SHG mission to adhere to the vision of "Develop smart low-carbon economy, create eco-friendly environment for mankind", said in company.
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