Solar Cooling: A technology with a bright future

Renewable energies need to be more widely used around the world to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and thus, the impact of human activities on global warming. Solar energy is present everywhere and it is particularly abundant in most developing countries. The lack of electrical infrastructures in these countries makes the local use of solar energy all the more interesting. There are two ways of producing cold from solar energy: with photovoltaic solar devices transforming solar energy into electricity to supply “traditional” refrigeration systems, and with thermal solar devices using directly the heat of the sun thanks to absorption or adsorption processes. Download the new IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling The aim of the 34th IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling is to describe these state-of-the-art technologies in order to help public and private decision makers to implement them adequately. Solar cooling may have a very positive environmental impact reducing the usage of fossil fuel, and the technology is almost mature enough to compete with conventional cooling equipment. Although they are still expensive, these technologies have a bright future ahead of them. The 34th IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling was prepared by Renato Lazzarin, President of IIR Section E, with the assistance of the IIR head office, and was reviewed by several experts from the IIR network. View the 34th IIR Informatory Note on Solar Cooling Only IIR members can currently download this note. Not a member yet? Learn about IIR member benefits. Source: IIR
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