Star Refrigeration advocates low charge ammonia as a compelling solution at eurammon Symposium 2018

Date: 02 July 2018
Dr. Rob Lamb, Sales and Marketing Director of the Star Refrigeration Group, took part in the Egyptian Symposium 2018 in Schaffhausen to promote low-ammonia chillers as a natural solution to the escape from environmentally hazardous HFCs. Inspired by the title of the symposium, the objectives of the F-Gas Regulation Directive and the Directive on Environmental Design in 2018 and convincing solutions using natural refrigerants, the presentation inspired delegates to consider the issue of ammonia as a sustainable and economical alternative. As an expert in the field of natural refrigerants, Dr. Lamb presented on Friday, June 29, an article on inexpensive packages of ammonia chillers for small industrial applications. The euramonn Symposium solves the problems faced by users of industrial refrigerators, mainly the transition to natural refrigerants, motivated by the f-gas standards and the Ecodesign directive. eurammon is a joint initiative of organizations and companies that advocate the expansion of the use of natural refrigerants in Europe and beyond. It provides resources and support to projects for engineers and end users, and is a pool of knowledge for scientists, researchers and politicians and organizes networking events and advocacy events such as a symposium. Dr. Rob Lamb said: "I am very pleased to invite you to present the report at the symposium on the Euromonon of 2018 together with colleagues and industry professionals. For Star Refrigeration, it's incredibly important that we can support more end users to move away from HFCs and make a greener choice while also offering energy efficiency and cost savings. I look forward to meeting with other like-minded people at this event and discussing our extensive experience with ammonia, especially those with low ammonia content, with other supporters of natural refrigerant. The paper specifically discusses how investments in low-ammonia chillers are not only the best choice for the environment, but also reduce the current cost of operation and demonstrate a return on investment. Two examples of research into Star Refrigeration customers are given as examples of how the installation of ammonia plants provided customer savings, one for food production and one application on an ice rink. The advantages of the new ammonia chillers installed on SnoZone Milton Keynes since 2017 were impressive. During the first few months, the site achieved 53% savings in energy costs, which justified the capital costs of installation. The new equipment is more reliable while maintaining the low temperatures required for operation, and in the first few months removed 700 tons of CO2 in plant emissions, which drastically reduced the company's carbon dioxide emissions. After 150 years of use, ammonia, a natural refrigerant with zero ODP and zero GWP, is still the most environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant known to man. Even with H & S problems (which can be reduced by reducing costs) and higher capital costs, packaged ammonia systems provide an economical alternative and provide twice the efficiency required by the Ecodesign Directive.
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