Star Refrigeration has installed cooling equipment at Gist’s new logistics depot

Date: 26 December 2018
Star Refrigeration has installed cooling equipment at Gist’s new logistics depot

Gist’s new Chesterfield logistics depot now has Europe’s efficient chillstore plant, manufactured by Star Refrigeration, to support the peak festive season for years to come.

One of Britain’s leading temperature controlled logistics companies has increased capacity and improved green credentials by installing Star Refrigeration’s ultra-efficient cooling equipment. Gist is responsible for transporting millions of chilled and frozen food products daily, and the supply chain business now benefaits from two brand new state of the art Azanechillers 2.0, ensuring provisions are kept fresh for Christmas and beyond.

Gist’s new Chesterfield chilled depot serves Midlands-based retailers and food service outlets. The Azanechiller 2.0 installation uses ammonia as a future proof natural refrigerant and is the most energy efficient in Europe, delivering continuous cooling for the growing business while simultaneously lowering operational costs. Star’s Azanechiller 2.0 has a revolutionary safety feature as it uses low charge ammonia technology. The Azanechiller 2.0 reduces ammonia charge by up to 90% compared to other ammonia circulation pump systems, therefore increasing the safety of the plant.

Star’s cooling plant delivers top quality performance while reducing environmental impact for Gist. Ammonia has a zero global warming potential and the chiller model exceeds the ‘Minimum Energy Efficiency Requirements’ set by Europe’s Ecodesign Directive by 56%. Gist Chesterfield is now set to remove 117 tons of CO2 per year when compared to the typical cooling demand of similar European coldstores, protecting it from any future UK or EU legislation which could be introduced.

Alex Henderson, Regional Sales Manager at Star Refrigeration said, “Improving energy efficiency industry wide is one of our core values, and the Azanechiller combines high efficiency, first class safety features and low environmental impact. With worldwide phasedown of traditional refrigerants, and further environmental legislation possible, it’s important that businesses future-proof their cooling plants.

Star had just six weeks to complete the ambitious installation ahead of last year’s peak season, which is half the time expected for a project of this scale. Sam de Beaux, Gist’s Engineering Director responsible for Gist’s UK and European site network, said, “Star delivered above and beyond our expectations regarding every aspect of the Gist Chesterfield plant. Despite the tight timeframes for the installation and commissioning of the chillstore facility, Star delivered every step of the way. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship working with them in the future.

Gist required an innovative cooling facility which had built-in redundancy to deliver continuous cooling, and reduced both direct and indirect carbon emissions. By installing two Azanechillers 2.0 with a total capacity of 1,100 kW, which greatly improve efficiency, Star has provided Gist with the lifeline it needs to operate in the temperature controlled transportation sector during periods of high demand, such as the Christmas season.

In recognition of the impressive environmental benefits of the project, Gist and Star Refrigeration have been shortlisted for the Environmental Initiative of the Year at The National ACR and Heat Pump Awards 2019. The awards ceremony is due to take place on 24th January at the Midland Hotel, Manchester.

As businesses continue to seek out innovative ways to become more sustainable, Star Refrigeration is engineering for the future with products designed to support business growth and reduce environmental impact.

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