Tecumseh Responds to U.S. EPA 2015 HFC Regulation Ruling

On August 8, 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit vacated the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program Rule 20 which phases-out HFC refrigerants. The word vacate suggests that Rule 20 is no longer valid, however, a rehearing request on the ruling was recently submitted by multiple third parties. If the court wishes to re-hear, the earliest that any decision will be made on the current HFC phase-out is late 2017. As such, all phase-out dates for commercial refrigeration product are still in effect until a decision is made.

Does this change Tecumseh’s alternate refrigerant plans for North America?
No, this does not change Tecumseh’s position. We’ve reviewed and agree that Low GWP refrigerants, inclusive of hydrocarbon refrigerants, are the right solution for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and the environment. Tecumseh has and will continue to be an advocate of refrigerants that provide the best solution with respect to system energy efficiency and the environment.

What are the next steps for Tecumseh’s product offering?
Tecumseh is in the process of approving new and existing scroll and reciprocating compressor and condensing unit products for use with HFO and HFO-blended Low GWP refrigerants. These products are currently approved for use with refrigerant R513A as an alternative for R134a. Additionally, products are approved for use with refrigerants R407A, R449A, R448A and R452A as an alternate for R-404A. Compressor and condensing unit Model and Item Numbers (Bill of Material) will not change. However, the additional refrigerants will be listed on the product nameplate as approvals are completed. Performance data for these alternate refrigerants is available on request. Please contact your Tecumseh regional sales manager for more information.

Will all Tecumseh compressor and condensing unit series be approved for HFO-blended refrigerants? The majority of Tecumseh’s existing commercial refrigeration product offering will be available for use with alternate refrigerants. Depending on the compressor type and application code, some refrigerants may not be applicable for use. Please contact your Tecumseh regional sales manager for more information.

Will there be any change to the Product Model Nomenclature with respect to refrigerants? Yes, “Y” Refrigerant Code will include “R134a and R513A” and, “Z” Refrigerant Code will include refrigerants “R404A, R407A, R448A, R449A and R452A.”

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