The latest IIR Informatory Note on “Flammable Refrigerants”

With the phase-out of ozone depleting substances there has been growing interest in the application of flammable refrigerants. Following the Kigali Amendment under the Montreal Protocol concerning the phase-down of hydrofluorocarbons, it is highly likely that flammable refrigerants will comprise the majority of refrigerants in the medium to long term. Flammability hazards arising from the use and application of these refrigerants have hitherto been of limited concern to domestic and commercial sectors. Thus, it is essential that stakeholders understand and become familiar with the relevant considerations for handling the flammability hazards that affect their application. Focus on flammable refrigerants The 36th IIR Informatory Note on “Flammable Refrigerants” provides a comprehensive introduction to matters such as flammability characteristics, classifications, governing rules such as safety standards and regulations covering the entire lifetime of systems and equipment including transportation, system design and construction and service, maintenance and other refrigerant handling activities. This Informatory Note was prepared by Daniel Colbourne, and was reviewed by several experts from the IIR network. Already an IIR member! Download the 36th IIR Informatory Note “Flammable refrigerants” and its Summary Sheet for Policymakers at > Publications > Informatory Notes (currently accessible to IIR members only). Not an IIR member yet? View all previous IIR Informatory Notes online at > Publications > Informatory Notes. Find out how to become an IIR member. IIR Informatory Notes The IIR publishes Informatory Notes designed to meet the needs of decision-makers worldwide, on a regular basis. These notes summarize knowledge in key refrigeration-technology and refrigeration-application domains. Each note puts forward future priority developmental axes and provides IIR recommendations in this context.
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