Thermo king launched a series of educational best practice videos


Thermo King launched a series of educational best practice videosto help itscustomers stay on top of technological innovations and improve their business processes.

In the video series, Thermo King’s Best Practice mascot, Professor Kool, offers comprehensive knowledge in a compact format to help Thermo King customers to get a better understanding of refrigeration fundamentals and optimise their operations.

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“The science of refrigerated transportation is advancing. Exploring and employing present and emerging technologies is key to navigating these times,” said Erika Smets, marketing communications leader at Thermo King. “Our goal at Thermo King is to have true partnerships with fleet operators and drivers by understanding their needs and offering them solutions to improve their business processes, increase efficiency and achieve operational savings. The expansion of the Professor Kool series of educational videos is part of this mission.”

Among other, the video series covers expert knowledge on maintaining a good airflow, temperature settings, thebasics of loading and unloading, and preventive maintenance.

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Watch those and other video in <a href="https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL631lR6ipztW2FWRIfJ1Q9Vp6as5QbjJM" target="_blank" rel="noopener">playlist Refrigerated transport</a> on our channel.



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