Weleda used CIAT heat pumps in its new warehouse

Date: 12 April 2024
Weleda used CIAT heat pumps in its new warehouse
Weleda used CIAT heat pumps in its new warehouse
Weleda used CIAT heat pumps in its new warehouse
Weleda, a leading manufacturer of natural health and wellness products, used CIAT heat pumps to introduce temperature control innovations at its new warehouse.

Faced with the challenge of efficiently managing a diverse portfolio of shares worth over £1 million, Weleda sought a sustainable solution that would meet both heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

The unique storage requirements of valuable materials required a forward-thinking approach to heating and cooling. After carefully considering various options, Weleda chose a first-of-its-kind solution from HVAC designer Bruce Boucher (tBBC) using CIAT heat pumps.

HVAC design specialists, in collaboration with AFS Ltd (Air Filtration Solutions Ltd), recommended a reverse cycle air-to-water heat pump system. Key components of this innovative solution include a state-of-the-art CIAT air-to-water heat pump, an industrial air heater and a pre-insulated piping system.

The air heaters are equipped with adjustable nozzles for optimal air distribution in warehouses with high ceilings. Combined with a 120 kW reverse cycle heat pump with four CIAT scroll compressors, this solution provides efficient heating and cooling of an open warehouse.

A pre-insulated piping system helps ensure minimal heat loss and efficient operation. This low-cost piping installation connects 95% of internal piping, providing long-term energy savings, low heat loss and a maintenance-free solution for the Weleda warehouse.

Bruce Boucher of Bruce Boucher Consultancy emphasized the importance of a well-designed and managed installation, adding: “This is an excellent example of the use of experienced HVAC designers, carefully selected, proven products and a proven team of installers.

“Although we have a long heating season in the UK, winter sunlight through a partially glazed roof can create an immediate need for cooling, especially if you have a huge stock of expensive products. Therefore, you need to react quickly to changes in room temperature. The CIAT heat pump has a small built-in buffer to allow rapid temperature changes, so this design works on all fronts.”

“We are delighted that CIAT has been selected as a supplier of high quality, high performance products to create a solution that meets Weleda’s environmental commitments,” said Oliver Sanders, CIAT UK and Ireland Commercial Director.

The CIAT heat pump solution not only provides a controlled environment for Weleda's extensive range of products, but also contributes to long-term environmental benefits. CIAT heat pumps support Carrier's environmental, social and governance (ESG) goal of helping its customers avoid more than one gigaton of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

The system will be closely monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to optimize performance, adjusting flow and room temperatures as necessary.
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