WindChill - A Food Preservation Unit

Our design concept aims to take on the problem of food stores spoiling in areas with poor access to electricity. The goals of our alternate food preservation unit are to not require an electricity grid, to be significantly less expensive than a modern refrigeration methods and to be able to be incorporated into the regions of poverty where it is most needed. The cooling mechanism is inspired by temperature regulation approaches seen in mammals and insects and is a new way of approaching issues in the food system. Coral and termites inspired the first step, kangaroos, bees, and elephants the second, and lastly meerkats and burrowing animals and leaves the third. In our process an intake structure passively draws in air warm ambient air and injects it via the venture effect it into a pipe. The second step delivers the air into the evaporation chamber, where the pipe is immersed in a fluid. The fluid evaporating from the around pipe cools the inside air and lastly the third step involves the cooled air entering the refrigeration chamber where food is stored.

In adhering to life's principles we have been able to come up with the WindChill Food Preservation Unit. It is a tool for not only keeping food at low temperatures, but also for changing the lives of the people that use it, those who make it and changing the future of the food transportation system through an exciting proposal for ambitious implementation and development. By emulating nature and creating conditions conducive to life we believe we have come up with a project can change the world of those who need it.


 Source: Biomimicry Institute
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