Global Commercial Thawing Cabinets Market 2018-2022

Date: 12.06.2018

This market research report presents a comprehensive analysis of the global commercial thawing cabinets market based on different end user segments. Additionally, the report also provides an analysis of the market’s growth by product (single door and double door) and by geography (the Americas, APAC, and EMEA).

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<h3>Overview of the commercial thawing cabinets market</h3>
According to Techanvio’s frozen food market research and analysis, the rising demand for frozen food across several end-user industries including catering companies, hospitals, hotels, and restaurants will be one of the key factors impelling the market’s growth during the next few years. With the rising need of these quick service restaurants to process the food items in lesser time owing to the hectic schedules of the customers, many fast food companies are using the freezing technique to increase the shelf life of food and seasonal ingredients. End-user industries are preferring complete thawing or defrosting of food before cooking as the fully thawed food takes less time to cook. This, in turn, has encouraged fast food restaurant chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, and KFC to use frozen food, in turn, impacting the growing demand for commercial thawing cabinets positively.Technavio’s market research analysts have predicted that the commercial thawing cabinets market size will grow close to USD 108 million by 2022.

With the growing need for maintaining the freshness of fast food, vendors in the commercial thawing cabinets market are focusing on adopting controlled thawing cabinets. For instance, commercial thawing cabinet manufacturers such as Loipart and Foster Fridge are offering the controlled thawing cabinets, which can perform the dual function of thawing and refrigeration. To ensure higher efficiency and a better speed for the thawing process, these thawing cabinets use special air ducting and fans, in turn, thawing frozen food conveniently.According to our industry research analysts, the increased adoption of controlled thawing cabinets will be one of the major trends gaining traction in the market during the next few years.
<h3>Companies covered</h3>
With the presence of a considerable number of commercial thawing cabinets manufacturers, this market appears to be moderately fragmented. With the rising preference for energy-efficient thawing cabinets, manufacturers are highly focusing on innovations that will help in reducing the consumption of energy. By providing a comprehensive analysis of the market’s competitive landscape and offering information on the products offered by companies, this controlled thawing cabinets market research report will help clients identify new growth opportunities and design unique growth strategies.

This research report provides an analysis of various companies in this market including –
    <li>Darwin Chambers</li>
    <li>Foster Refrigerator</li>
    <li>Williams Refrigeration</li>
<h3>Segmentation by product and analysis of the commercial thawing cabinets market</h3>
    <li>Single door</li>
    <li>Double door</li>
The single door commercial thawing cabinet held the largest share of the market during 2017. According to this controlled thawing cabinet market research report, the segment will continue to lead the share of blast chiller market throughout the forecast period.
<h3>Segmentation by geography and analysis of the commercial thawing cabinets market</h3>
Our analysts have estimated the Americas accounted for the maximum growth of the defrost refrigerator market during 2017. With the increasing consumption of fast food among the consumers and the rising number of hotels and restaurants in the advanced economies such as the US, this region will account for the maximum growth of this market during the next few years as well.

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