Air-cooled chiller Kaltra introduced inverter chillers on refrigerant R32

Date: 14 November 2022
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The lineup of scroll chillers, Ultracompact II, was added by models equipped with inverter-driven compressors running on refrigerant R32, covering capacities from 50 to 150 kilowatts. New R32 chillers fully comply with current Ecodesign regulations, performing with SERP HT values of up to 6.30.

Ultracompact II R32 process chillers allow inlet water temperatures of as high as 35°C and evaporator temperature delta of up to 12°C, while the lowest inlet water temperature is -6°C.

New chillers are designed with single refrigeration circuits, brazed plate evaporators, and aluminum microchannel condenser coils. As standard, Ultracompact II R32 chillers are supplied with EC-motor axial fans, electronic expansion devices and offer quiet operation with sound pressure levels of as low as 45dB(A). Optionally available are hydronic kits with fixed- or variable-speed pumps and buffer tanks. Variable-speed pumps can be ordered with single or twin impellers.

Chillers can be configured with inbuilt sequence management software.

Other options include anti-corrosion protection (e-coating) for condenser coils, refrigerant leak detection, partial heat recovery with a desuperheater, controlling unit operation via Wi-Fi, and remote connectivity, including Modbus, SNMP, Echelon, and other protocols.

With extended operating limits (water supply temperatures from -8°C to +24°C, ambient temperature from -20°C to +50°C), Ultracompact II R32 chillers are ideal for process cooling applications, working effectively on both partial and full loads.

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