Airedale launch the TurboChill Hydro Range

Date: 09 October 2020
Airedale launch the TurboChill Hydro Range
Airedale launch the TurboChill Hydro Range

TurboChill Hydro is a highly efficient water cooled chiller that offers extensive cooling capacity. Ranging from 200kW to 3000kW, TurboChill Hydro offers flexibility at a competitive price, without compromising on performance.

Building on the success of the original TurboChill design and Airedale’s 16 year partnership with Turbocor, the TurboChill range utilises oil-free centrifugal compressors. These intelligent, self-optimising compressors enable variable speed control and minimise input power with reduced noise levels compared to traditional compressor technology. Magnetic bearings within the centrifugal compressor levitate the compressor shaft and with no mechanical contact or friction between mating surfaces, the need for lubrication is eliminated.

TurboChill Hydro is available in single and dual circuit variants and has been developed to operate at high and low water temperatures, with additional features for increased performance and efficiency. These include offering one expansion valve per compressor for increased control in part load, a liquid refrigerant pump to support low pressure ratio operation and an innovative economiser set-up that is flow-matched per compressor to maximise heat exchanger efficiency. The range has been designed by experts in Airedale’s R&D labs in Leeds, with energy efficiency as a top priority, offering a high performing and flexible chiller solution that won’t weigh heavily on energy bills or the planet.

With an ESEER of up to 8.98 and EER up to 5.71, the TurboChill Hydro offers Ecodesign Tier 2 (2021) compliance for both SEPR and SSCEE and is available with either R134a or R513A refrigerants. R513A is an effective alternative to R134a, offering a lower GWP without compromising on performance or efficiency. Combining a lower GWP refrigerant with technologies such as the liquid refrigerant pump and innovative economiser design, the TurboChill Hydro offers significant life span energy savings, which in turn delivers both financial and environmental benefits.

TurboChill Hydro has been designed to work with even the most awkward of inside spaces. With two physical arrangements available – either vertical or side-by-side – it is designed to fit through a standard plant room door and into a standard width 20ft shipping container. This low-noise, high output and hugely efficient chiller meets the demands of even the most stringent specifications for many building types, including high-rise apartment buildings, office blocks, data centres and hospitals.

Martyn Jackson, Chiller Development Manager at Airedale International explains: “TurboChill Chillers are one of Airedale’s signature brands. They are hugely popular due to the reliability and superiority of the Turbocor compressor and this water cooled chiller extends and compliments the range, giving Airedale a complete chiller solution across air and water cooled applications up to 3000kW.”

Martyn continued, “The features of TurboChill Hydro, such as the liquid refrigerant pump and the economisers really maximise part load capabilities and minimise energy waste, demonstrating Airedale’s commitment to improving efficiencies and making our products much more sustainable. It is so important to consider the full  life cycle cost of air conditioning equipment and we constantly strive to implement new technologies to differentiate ourselves from the competition and minimise the energy consumption of our products throughout their full life span.”

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