AKO Group presented Temperature and Humidity sensor system AKODATA IoT

Date: 12 July 2021
AKO Group presented Temperature and Humidity sensor system AKODATA IoT
AKO Group offers to the market an innovative solution focused directly on improving the conservation of stored products, improving energy efficiency, and reducing operational costs in the management of assets: AKODATA IoT.

AKODATA IoT is a three-tier solution:
• Robust and accurate Temperature and Humidity sensor system.
• A Cloud platform that manages the information obtained through the sensor system, which presents us with conclusions and signs of improvement, through a powerful but intuitive report generator.
• An alarm notification system via e-mail, with a built-in maintenance and repair report manager.
This solution is a 100% cable-free that can be used to monitor systems that usually go unmonitored, and which does not limit their mobility. 

The stored data are totally secure, with data redundancy both in the device and in the cloud, and completely encrypted data transfer by private APN.

Generation and programing of reports aimed at detecting areas of improvement in product conservation, energy efficiency or detection of food health risks.

Today’s Food Retail market has constant promotions that change several times throughout the year; and for these promotions, mobile refrigerated and frozen shelves and cabinets have to be placed in different places of the establishment depending on the objective of each campaign. And AKODATA IOT provides the necessary flexibility to manage this situation.

Detect lower or higher than desired working temperatures, which incur either a higher energy cost or a risk in the product’s conservation that can ultimately lead to direct losses.

Alert about bad practices in daily operations, such as, for example, overly long door openings in cold storerooms that cause both higher energy consumption and poor product conservation.

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