Alpha Innotec Expands Hybrox Series with Powerful Versions

Date: 06 May 2024
Alpha Innotec Expands Hybrox Series with Powerful Versions
The ait-group presents its latest air/water heat pump under the alpha innotec brand. The Hybrox 11 and 16 complement the Hybrox series with two additional powerful variants of the well-known series. These efficiently supply living spaces with heat, hot water, and cooling. Thanks to high performance standards, the devices are ideal for renovations and modernizations.

The Hybrox 11 and 16 – Setting New Standards for Renovation and Modernization

The new sizes of the Hybrox are capable of handling a building heating load of up to 11 or 16 kW. Therefore, the new Hybrox devices are suitable for a wide range of requirements, from use in multi-story new buildings to operation in old buildings. In addition, the new expansion stages of the highly efficient Hybrox series also feature integrated cooling functions, which can be used combined with underfloor heating. Like their predecessors with 5 and 8 kW, the new models also operate with the environmentally friendly refrigerant propane (R290), which has already been used by alpha innotec for 25 years. Thus, the ait-group continues to consistently focus on environmental friendliness and efficiency, enabling the 5% special funding of the BEG. Due to the unique combination of high-performance components and the refrigerant propane (R290), the new Hybrox models achieve impressive flow temperatures of up to 78°C. The latest alpha innotec models also impress with a new, modern design and extremely quiet operation. Even under extreme conditions of -22°C and a flow temperature of 65°C, the devices do not require additional heating elements. The combination of these advantages makes the Hybrox 11 and 16 the ideal heat pump for many renovation projects, one of the largest and fastest-growing market segments at present. The new models also feature all the technical highlights that define a modern heat pump.

Smart Grid Ready: Hybrox Supports Intelligent and Digital Power Grids

The future of energy infrastructure lies in interconnected and intelligent consumption systems. With the introduction of the new Hybrox devices, all new heat pumps from alpha innotec are now Smart-Grid-Ready and can, for example, be remotely controlled via the myUplink platform or connected to Home Energy Management Systems.

Managing Director Sjacco van de Sande comments: "Decarbonizing the building stock is one of the most pressing challenges of the energy transition. In a competitive market, it is our commitment to our customers to bring the best and most efficient products to the market. With the Hybrox 11 and 16, we are expanding our product portfolio with heat pumps that are optimal for renovation and modernization - one of the fastest-growing market segments."
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