Arneg announces two new refrigerated cabinet lines

Date: 12 January 2021
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The VELDEN LX and SENDAI 2 are two refrigerated cabinet lines in semi-vertical and island form, dedicated to effectively promoting gastronomic excellences like cold cuts, dairy and fresh packaged products. Characterised by contemporary styling, both lines focus attention on the high added value of displayed products thanks to clean lines, transparent glass and scenic illumination. A complete range of versions ensures the most effective solution for all point of sales requirements.


The Velden LX refrigerated cabinet comes in island and semi-vertical versions, with or without head cases. It offers extremely easy access to products, versatility and ease of customisation. Cabinets can be finished in a wide range of materials, making them easy to integrate in any point of sale. Thanks to its double basin, the Velden LX can display a wide range of fresh products including dairy, cold cuts, 4th and 5th range, and even delicate items like pre-packaged fish and meat.


The Sendai 2 family of refrigerated cabinets has just got bigger. Previously available as open or closed islands with built-in motor, Sendai 2 now also comes in semi-vertical and cabinet format, refrigerated or heated. The new versions stand out for their great flexibility, thanks to modular-height shelves that offer a larger display surface. Fully customisable finishes guarantee perfect in-store communication while the possibility of served or self-service use ensures unrivalled versatility. Finally, R290 refrigerant gives the Sendai 2 line of refrigerated cabinets a low environmental impact and enhanced sustainability.

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