Bacharach’s MVR-300 detect refrigerant leaks in occupied spaces

Bacharach’s MVR-300 offers facility managers the ability to discreetly detect refrigerant leaks in occupied spaces. The instrument is ideal for use in public / private facilities (hotels, apartment buildings, dormitories, hospitals, assisted living facilities and office buildings) which use high-efficiency Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning systems.

Keep Occupants Comfortable & Safe

Modern refrigerant systems are designed to be efficient and leak free, but improper installations, inadvertent damage, or mechanical wear can result in leaks over time. The MVR-300 refrigerant leak detector helps keep the occupants comfortable in conditioned spaces while providing an early warning of refrigerant leaks over the service life of the HVAC system. “Although HVAC system leaks are not expected to be a common occurrence, they are a cause of higher operating costs, and in high-volume systems such as VRF/VRV, they can represent a safety risk and can cause facilities to lose revenue by being unable to use rooms affected by leaks, due to refrigerant levels, or because of the lack of fully functioning HVAC,” said Tom Burniston, Product Manager for Fixed Instrumentation at Bacharach. “The MVR-300 communicates the detection of a refrigerant leak by Modbus or relay contacts, and it can be integrated with HVAC control systems to automatically isolate a leak. This means the rest of the system can continue to operate normally, so that other rooms can continue to be fully occupied and used. In addition, room occupants can be audibly and visibly alerted to the presence of leaking refrigerant, which combined with leak isolation is helpful to ensuring safety of those occupants,” he said. Around the world, codes and safety standards such as BREEAM, EN 378, ASHRAE15 and ASHRAE 147 are continually evolving to address the safe and environmentally conscious use of refrigerants. The MVR-300 can detect a refrigerant leak well before it reaches the Refrigerant Concentration Limit (RCL) and alert occupants as refrigerant levels reach as low as 500 ppm (consistent with ASHRAE guidelines for fixed refrigerant detectors).

The Complete Solution for Refrigerant Detection in Occupied Spaces

The MVR-300 builds on the success of the Bacharach IAM-100 (Integrated Area Monitor) and more than 100-years of experience designing and manufacturing gas detection instruments.
  • Fits Standard Electrical Boxes – Easy installation without the need to purchase proprietary fixtures.
  • Low-profile / Neutral Design – Avoids unwanted attention and blends into the surrounding decor.
  • Two Relays & Modbus Communications – Enables staff to quickly isolate the leak’s source and initiate counter measures.
  • Audiovisual Alarms – Configurable alarms alert occupants to hazardous levels of refrigerant gases.
  • Refrigerant Specific Sensors – Ensures accurate measurement while enhancing safety.
  • Self Diagnostics & Simple Field Calibration – Easy maintenance and low cost of ownership.
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